’12 Dates of Christmas’ Star Garrett Marcantel Answers Tons of Juicy Questions About the Show!

If you haven’t started watching 12 Dates of Christmas yet on HBO Max, you’re missing out on one of the best new dating shows that will be your guilty pleasure of the holiday season.

The show follows three hopelessly romantic singles – Faith, Chad and Garrett – on their journey to meet that special someone to bring home for the holidays.

The series begins at a fairytale castle in Austria, where the three singles are introduced to potential love interests to bring home to meet their families. Some of the sexy singles and even the leads themselves have been forming connections and we can’t wait to find out who ends up as a couple in the end!

Garrett Marcantel, who is the gay leading man, took to his Instagram page on Sunday night (November 29) to answer a bunch of juicy questions from fans.

Some of the things that Garrett revealed included when the show was filmed, how he didn’t know he would be the lead until he arrived at the castle, the one regret he has from filming, and if he ever hooked up with Jose before the show (he’s the guy he knew before filming!).

The first three episodes of 12 Dates of Christmas are now streaming on HBO Max. The next three episodes premiere on December 3 and the final two episodes will debut on December 10.

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