Actress Hilary Heath dead of coronavirus complications at 74

Actress and producer Hilary Heath has died of complications from the novel coronavirus. Godson Alex Williams confirmed the news in a moving Facebook tribute. She was 74.

“We lost my wonderful Godmother Hilary Heath to Covid-19 last week,” Williams shared. “Hilary had many careers, starting out as a screen and stage actress in the 1960s and 1970s, and then re-inventing herself as a producer in the 1990s, making films like Nil by Mouth (Gary Oldman) and An Awfully Big Adventure (Hugh Grant, Alan Rickman).”

He continued, “Her most remarkable re-invention came in her mid-60s, when she won a master’s degree from Oxford in psychology and became an addiction counsellor, specialising in CBT. She worked at clinics all over the world, often for free, often with very deprived and distressed individuals, and she regarded this as her most valuable work by far. She was a force of nature, and I can’t bear it that she is no longer with us.”

A number of actors, musicians and others of note have lost their lives to the coronavirus or complications from the illness, including Fountains of Wayne frontman Adam Schlesinger, “Star Wars” actor Andrew Jack, songwriter Alan Merrill and playwright Terrence McNally.

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