Adam Carolla's Ultra Rare Lamborghini Is Almost Priceless

When Jay Leno invites fellow car enthusiast, Adam Carolla, to his Emmy Award-winning series, Jay Leno’s Garage, you know it’s going to be fun. Leno typically reviews pretty spectacular vehicles and entertains interesting guests. But some say Leno and Carolla together are like an American version of the British show, Top Gear. And in this episode, the Leno introduces fans to one of Carolla’s most ultra-rare rides. It’s a Lamborghini model so rare, it’s almost priceless.

Jay Leno always features the coolest cars

When they say people are most successful when doing what they love most, they aren’t kidding. It’s clear Jay Leno’s calling is cars. And over the years, with his popular series, Leno has introduced the world some pretty amazing rides, as Hot Cars reports. In one episode, he drove Steve McQueen’s Jaguar XKSS, one of 16 D-types that was made for the street in 1957. Leno also once drove the McLaren F1, a car that many consider being the greatest of the 20th century. He’s featured a 1930 Bentley 27-liter, a 2018 Koenigsegg Regera, and even a 1,000 horsepower “Vicious” 1965 Ford Mustang. And even considering the rareness of some, like the tiny Fiat Topolino 500, named for Mickey Mouse in Italian, it’s the Adam Carolla Lamborghini that some say might be the rarest of all. 

Jay Leno takes a look at a rare gem

Jay Leno invites Adam Carolla to the garage, and it’s there Carolla unveils one of his rarest gems. The Lamborghini Islero is stunning and a true one of a kind. Lamborghini built the Islero, as a replacement for its 400GT, and at a time when it was producing front-engine cars. Unlike the mid-engine supercars, Lamborghini is most notable for building, the Islero was an anomaly, with its V12. And production was short-lived for 1968 and 1969. There are only 125 of these cars in existence, and Adam Carolla has one.

Adam Carolla’s 1968 Lamborghini Islero

The 1968 Lamborghini Islero, some say, is the epitome of power and performance. And for its time, it really was quite the super car unicorn. In exploring Adam Carolla’s 1968 Islero, it’s easy to see just how impressed Carolla and Jay Leno are with this well-preserved model. Under the hood is a monster 4.0-liter V12 engine, capable of harnessing 325 horses. This ultra-rare sports car could hit 154 miles per hour without breaking a sweat. It clocks a zero to 60 time of only 6.4 seconds. At the time, the base MSRP for this Lamborghini was around $18,000, which was super expensive for the late 60s. But Nadaguides suggests well-kept versions of this car today could be worth upwards of $375,000. To Carolla and Leno, however, it’s priceless.

Adam Carolla is quite the enthusiast

It’s not uncommon for celebrities to spend their wealth on expensive car collections. But when you see a classic, diamond in the rough rarity, like the Lamborghini Islero, you hope a car like this ends up with someone who really appreciates its value. And there’s no question Adam Carolla is a passionate car connoisseur. His car collection of about 20 to 30 vehicles, is rumored to be valued over $3 million. He not only collects the fast and furious rides, but he enjoys his share of vintage race cars, as well. Some of his high-dollar racers were former rides of the legendary Paul Newman.

Tuning in to watch Jay Leno’s Garage will certainly continue to inspire car enthusiasts, especially when Jay Leno joins forces with people who are just as passionate about sweet rides as he is. And when Adam Carolla shows up to share one of his rarest gems, the 1968 Lamborghini Islero, it’s clear the two collectors are in their idea of heaven. 

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