Amy Duggar: I’m Still Mourning Mary Duggar … And I Don’t Care If Jim Bob Doesn’t Like It!

In June of 2019, Counting On fans were stunned by the death of Mary Duggar, mother of Jim Bob and a longtime reality TV veteran.

Mary was 78, but she was in robust health, and her death came without warning.

Later it was revealed that Mary had drowned in an accident that still hasn’t been explained by anyone in her family.

Obviously, the Duggars are in no way obligated to offer an account of what happened, but given the public nature of their lives, and the fact that Mary was beloved by fans, many had hoped that Jim Bob would provide some closure, or at least put the speculation to rest with a comment.

All of the Duggars paid tribute to Mary on social media, but after her funeral, they quickly moved on to new business.

Knowing what we now know about the extent to which Jim Bob controls his children, that may have been by decree of the patriarch.

But whether she was ordered to keep quiet or not, there’s one member of the extended Duggar clan who just won’t stop paying tribute to Mary.

Anna Duggar posted the photo below on Tuesday, along with a caption paying tribute to the grandmother-in-law she loved so dearly.

“We are celebrating you today down here,” Amy wrote.

“With Cracker Barrel, strawberry shortcake & shopping your absolute favorite on your birthday!” she continued.

“I miss you every single day. Happy Birthday to my angel in Heaven.”

Numerous fans were quick to join Amy in singing Mary’s praises.

“Your Grandmother was such a good woman and person. I never met her in person but she was always happy and had a smile on her face,” wrote one follower.

“No doubt Grandma is smiling down on you. She was a wonderful lady,” another added.

Amy and Mary were especially close, and it seems the 33-year-old is still profoundly affected by her grandmother’s passing.

Amy welcomed her first child back in October of 2019, but she still has a reputation as the most rebellious member of her family.

She’s been known to defy Jim Bob, and it seems she may be doing so again by continuing to discuss his mother’s passing.

Generally, Jim Bob is not a fan of anything that attracts what he believes to be negative attention.

But clearly, Amy plans to continuing honoring Mary Duggar — whether Jim Bob likes it or not.

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