Andrei Castravet: Charlie is a Drunk Bum!

If it hadn’t already been clear, this week’s episode of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? made it certain:

Andrei Castravet and his brother-in-law, Charlie Potthast, cannot stand each other.

But that was filmed a while ago, and so soon after all of the ugliness that went down in Moldova.

How are things now between Elizabeth’s husband and her brother-in-law?

Elizabeth Potthast and Andrei Castravet spoke to Us Weekly about the situation.

“At this moment of time, the relationship is nonexistent,” Andrei revealed.

He said this on Thursday, April 29 — so this is much more recent than what we’re seeing on the show.

“He’s a drunk bum, that’s what it is,” Andrei characterized in his usual blunt manner.

“Like, bottom line, he loves alcohol too much,” he accused, “and it is what it is.”

Viewers have certainly watched Charlie make various angry blunders while intoxicated.

The most infamous example of this was of course at their second wedding, the one in Moldova.

There, Charlie grabbed the mic and generally made an ass of himself at the wedding.

It was a rare moment where Andrei was not the bad guy even though Charlie humiliated himself and was disruptive.

Elizabeth shared that the two of them were “kind of” angry with Charlie after that.

But Andrei emphasized that his anger, at least, was “big.”

Elizabeth explained that she, having known her brother for how long, understood his behavior a little better.

“I know how he is,” Elizabeth stated.

“I know what kind of behavior to expect from him,” she added.

Libby continued: “Versus my husband, this is all new for him still.”

“[He] hasn’t really experienced people like that in his life,” Elizabeth explained.

“It’s just really rude and disrespectful to him and his culture,” she characterized.

Elizabeth then added: “So, that was definitely difficult.”

Andrei shared that he saw “firsthand what [Charlie’s] made of.”

He went on to say that he flat-out doesn’t believe that Charlie is a good person.

Elizabeth is hopeful that this rift between them will recover over time.

Andrei isn’t so sure.

“I feel like it’s gotten worse,” he expressed.

“I don’t even want to be in the same proximity of him,” Andrei added. “He’s just basically a big brat.”

Elizabeth said that her dad, Duck, fully believes that Charlie was in the wrong for his stunt at the wedding.

“I think any normal person would say that that behavior is not allowed at a wedding,” she noted.

“That’s just, like, a rule of thumb,” Elizabeth added. “You don’t behave that way at someone’s wedding.”

Now, we know that Elizabeth is going to get into an intense fight with one of her sisters this season.

“I haven’t been in that type of situation in a really, really long time with my sister,” Libby reflected.

She expressed: “That definitely was a turning point for me, and I never saw it coming.”

They both agree that problems from the broader Potthast family impact their marriage.

“Our relationship is a reflection of that,” Andrei explained.

He added: “Sometimes … you’re just thinking why [are we] here?”

Elizabeth wants their 2-year-old daughter Eleanor to spend more time with her cousins.

But, she laments, that’s difficult when her siblings set a bad example.

She reasoned: “You don’t want your kid around that.”

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