Ann Skelly Reveals Which of Her The Nevers Costars Left Her Starstruck

In our Q&A series Last Call, we get down to the bottom of every last thing with some of our favorite celebs — from the last time they were starstruck to the last song they listened to. This week, Ann Skelly takes our call.

Ann Skelly has made a name for herself with dramatic roles on Red Rock, Vikings, Kissing Candice, and Rose Plays Julie. Now with The Nevers, the 24-year-old Irish actor is getting to test her comedic chops as inventor Penance Adair. Set in Victorian London, the HBO series follows a group of women three years after a mysterious event gave them all unique abilities. Now known as “the touched,” the group have to deal with their newfound powers as they ward off enemies all the while trying to fit into society. Just when things start to look up, their world is shaken to its core by an unexpected betrayal and murder.

Despite The Nevers being a sci-fi drama, Penance adds some much-needed comedic relief. It’s this lightheartedness that first drew Ann to the role. “I’ve not really had the opportunity to even audition for more comedic parts or parts that are lighter in mindset,” Ann told POPSUGAR. “She’s so different to anyone I’ve ever played before.”

Just because Ann plays Penance, however, doesn’t mean she’d necessarily want the power to invent. If she were one of the touched, she’d want something a little more practical. “I’d like Myrtle’s skill, to be honest. I would love to be able to speak loads of different languages, but obviously, she can’t control it,” Ann said. She was also interested in Horatio’s ability to heal, although that was more because it reminded her of a different show she happens to love. “I’d like to heal people because I really liked the show Avatar: The Last Airbender. Especially the water bender character Katara, who would heal people with her watery healing powers.”

Also, fans of the budding romance between Penance and Augustus Bidlow will be happy to know Ann is on their side. “I think Penance would be very good for him, but I suppose the question is what would he bring out in her? We don’t know yet. However, I do ship them, I do. I also really like working with Tom [Riley],” she said.

Tom isn’t the only one Ann has enjoyed working with, as the cast have gotten quite close. They even have a group chat. The cast’s chemistry is clear on screen, and with only two more episodes left in the first part of the season, we’re that much closer to seeing where their stories are headed. Luckily, episode six is the one Ann is most excited for viewers to see. “All the mysteries and questions of people’s past and what it all means gets wrapped up really nicely. I’ve not seen what they’ve done with episode six done before in shows, so I’m hoping it’ll answer a lot of questions and be very satisfying.”

Ahead of The Nevers‘ part one finale on May 16, we chatted with Ann about everything from her last day on set to the last thing on her camera roll. You might also want to save her hack for purchasing audiobooks.

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