Beyoncé Includes Lizzo's Name in 'Break My Soul' Remix, Loses Erykah Badu

lizzo and beyonce

Lizzo is back in Beyoncé‘s good graces — that, or she never left to begin with — and we know this because the Queen Bey is back to saying her name … on stage, no less.

The singer name-dropped Lizzo Saturday night during her show in D.C., where part of the setlist once again included the remix to ‘Break My Soul’ — which features a moment where Bey’s rattling off a list of women’s names she views as trailblazers.

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Normally, in the lyrics, as they’re written, Lizzo shows up as one of those women — and after being nixed from the lineup last week … fans were quick to notice her re-inclusion.

Check it out for yourself — there’s a few different clips making the rounds that caught the moment Bey mentioned Lizzo, but this video here is by far the best shot … where you can see Beyoncé pause on saying Erykah Badu‘s name — but clearly emphasizing Liz.

Of course, this is in stark contrast to Beyoncé’s performance a few concerts ago … where she nixed Lizzo, but said “Badu” at least 4 different times. Some perceived that as a shot at Lizzo in the wake of her workplace lawsuit drama … but others thought it was geared toward what EB had recently said about Beyonce — namely, accusing her of ripping off her style.

Now that Beyoncé has flipped it — this after she’s surely had time to hear and process the Lizzo news — it seems pretty obvious she did this on purpose … and stands with Lizzo.

beyonce and lizzo

As for Lizzo herself, she denied the allegations made by her former dancers … calling them “false” and “outrageous.” She’s also lawyered up big time — we’ll see how the suit plays out.

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