Bill Cosby Denied Early Prison Release Despite Coronavirus Concerns

Officials has reportedly determined that the disgraced comedian is not eligible for early release from prison because he’s considered a violent offender.

AceShowbizBill Cosby has not been identified as an inmate at risk for the coronavirus, according to a new report.

The disgraced comedian’s representative told the New York Post that Cosby is going to be sent home from prison because of the pandemic, but a source at the Department of Corrections insists that’s not the case.

Cosby is serving three to 10 years for sexual assault at SCI Phoenix in Pennsylvania, and he won’t be getting out any time soon, despite state Governor Tom Wolf‘s plans to move some prisoners to community corrections facilities or their homes.

The fallen funnyman’s rep Andrew Wyatt told Page Six, “We strongly feel that Mr. Cosby will be released and remanded to house arrest in the upcoming weeks. Mr. Cosby is 82 years old; Mr. Cosby has an underlying medical condition – blindness – and cannot practice social distancing because he has to rely on the aid of others.”

“(We are) in contact with sources close to the Governor and they were informed that Gov. Wolf felt that Mr. Cosby should be released and remanded to house arrest, due to his age and blindness.”

But a source for the Pennsylvania DOC adds, “Based on the criteria exempting sex offenders and knowing his highly publicized case, he would not qualify.”

The Governor’s release programme only applies to state prison inmates who have been identified as being “nonviolent and who otherwise would be eligible for release within the next nine months” or “who are considered at high risk for complications of coronavirus and are within 12 months of their release.”

According to the Post, one inmate at the prison has died of COVID-19 complications and 22 inmates have tested positive.

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