Brandy Comes to Kanye West’s Defense: He Needs a Lot of Love and Compassion

The ‘Stronger’ rapper has drawn concern for his mental health following various emotional outbursts ever since he launched his 2020 campaign to replace President Donald Trump in the White House.

AceShowbiz -R&B star Brandy has called on critics to “lay off” Kanye West and show him “love” and “compassion” as he navigates his way through a suspected bipolar episode.

The rapper, who was diagnosed with the condition a few years ago, has drawn concern for his various emotional outbursts ever since launching his 2020 campaign to replace U.S. President Donald Trump in the White House last month.

His wife, Kim Kardashian, has reportedly been trying to convince Kanye to seek professional help for his mental health struggles, but he maintains he is “quite alright”, and has blamed detractors for attempting to derail his presidential bid by questioning his sanity.

Now Brandy, who worked with Kanye on her 2004 single “Talk About Our Love”, has spoken out in his defence, insisting no one should be speculating about his wellbeing because only he and his loved ones know what’s really going on behind the scenes.

“I think Kanye, he needs a lot of love and a lot of compassion from all of us,” she told the New York Post. “I think it’s a very hard thing to walk in his shoes. We have no clue of what he really goes through every day of his life.”

“I know we see what we see, but no one really knows what he’s going through and how deep it can be. And then his family and his children… We should all just lay off of him.”

Brandy was partly speaking from personal experience, after penning the track Bye Bipolar from her new album, “B7”.

“I have not been diagnosed as bipolar,” she explained, “but I’ve had moments where trauma has caused me to not be myself, and I felt at a point that I could’ve experienced moments of that.”

She further explores the topic of mental health in other songs like “Borderline”, which was inspired by a real one-sided love affair.

“I loved someone that was not available to be loved by me, and so that drove me crazy,” Brandy confessed about the single, which features a video of her in a straitjacket in a padded room, and ends with the message, “You are not alone!”.

She added, “I wanted to use my music as a way to start more conversations about mental health and how that’s something that we all need to work on every day.”

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