Brooke Shields Proudly Flaunts Leg Injury Scar After Daughters Helped Her to Love Her Body

In a new photo taken on the beach, ‘The Blue Lagoon’ actress is all smiles while wearing matching black and white gingham bikinis with her daughters Rowan Francis and Grier Hammond.

AceShowbizBrooke Shields embraced her flaw in a new picture from her beach photoshoot. In the sweet snap, “The Blue Lagoon” actress proudly showed off her deep leg scar from her femur injury after her daughters helped her to love her body.

On Tuesday, June 22, the 56-year-old shared a picture of her and her daughters 18-year-old Rowan Francis and 15-year-old Grier Hammond wearing matching black and white gingham swimsuits while vacationing in the Hamptons. “Soaking it all in,” the actress captioned the image.

Brooke got the scar on her right tight after fracturing her femur in January. At the time, she fell off a balance board whilst at a gym in New York. Following the incident, she had two surgeries infection which required her to return to hospital for further emergency surgery.

In a new interview with, Brooke opened up how she instilled in her daughters the importance of being comfortable in their own skin and how they, in turn, did the same for her. “I think they’ve taught me more than I’ve taught them,” she admitted, noting that her two teen girls feel “proud” of their individuality.

“I’ve tried to not have my insecurities spill over into them but, in order to do that, you actually have to walk the walk,” the “Jane The Virgin” alum told the publication. “In order for me to gain confidence, I focus on being as healthy and as fit as I can be. Also, just acknowledging how much my body has done for me over the past 56 years.”

Brooke elaborated further the things she taught Rowan and Grier, “I try to say to them [that] it’s not about a desired look as much as it’s a desired feel, that it involves being healthy.” The proud mom added, “It’s not about weight as much as it’s about being fit and taking care of your body internally and exercising and sleeping; all those things that kids roll their eyes at when they’re younger.”

“I try to focus much more on that and they’re much more proud of their individual strengths and shapes,” Brooke stated. She went on to claim, “And I think they’re more focused on their individuality, which I think is their generation more, from what I’ve witnessed with them.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Brooke also pointed out how staying healthy and feeling good in her skin takes work. She insisted that her daughters have seen her “work really hard at” exercising and “eating right” without denying herself the food that she loves.

“I know when I work out, I eat better. I sleep better,” she said. “There’s a lot of things that [are] sort of the offshoot of that. That’s really the message for me – to celebrate who we are uniquely but also focus on health rather than a certain silhouette.”

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