BTS's J-Hope Reveals a Heartbreaking Lie He Often Told His Mom

J-Hope is known as one of the rappers of BTS. He helps compose songs for the groups as well and has written honest lyrics about his life.

However, J-Hope was not always honest with his mom. He recently revealed that, when he was younger, there was a heartbreaking lie he often used to tell her.

J-Hope told his mom 1 heartbreaking lie when he was a trainee 

When J-Hope was a teenager, he joined Big Hit Entertainment (now called HYBE) to train as a K-pop idol. It’s no secret that life as a trainee can be tough, and J-Hope tried to hide some of that in conversations with his mom.

In a recent video released on Weverse for exclusive fan club ARMY ZIP, J-Hope talked about this being his “most memorable lie.”

“When my mom asked me how I was doing, even though I’m tired, I often told her I was fine,” he said.

However, it seems J-Hope’s mother did know about some of the difficulties he faced. On the Korean show You Quiz On the Block, J-Hope shared that she often tried her best to support him through his training period.

“Every time [I went to my hometown of Gwangju], my mother often gave me a lot of support,” he said. “[I thought that] because my mom trusts and supports me, I must succeed. When my mom is happy, I am also happy. And her laughter is also my laughter.”

One of J-Hope’s songs—“MAMA”—is about his mother and all the support she gave him.

J-Hope reveals whether he lies a lot

In the ARMY ZIP video, J-Hope also addressed the question of whether he lies a lot. He was dressed as Pinocchio for the shoot, so he was asked, “If you were Pinocchio, how long would your nose be?”

In response, J-Hope said, “We all lie at least once, don’t we? We all tell lies. I’ll say it would be the same as my height: 176 cm [5’9”].”

It’s not clear how much J-Hope lies on a daily basis, but he seems honest with this answer.

J-Hope has been open with fans about some struggles he faces

BTS has made a career of talking openly about difficulties faced by themselves and other young people. J-Hope, in particular, is known for his bubbly and happy persona, but he has shared that this is not what he is necessarily like everyday. 

In BTS’s docu-series Break the Silence, J-Hope talked about this disconnect, saying, “From performing on stage, I’ve come to know who I am and understand my existence. But off the stage, I’d like to feel more comfortable and be free… There is a persona that I need to show to the fans and the general public. I wouldn’t say that I’m wearing a mask, but I have to visibly become J-Hope when I go on stage.”

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