Candace Cameron Bure talks getting healthy after eating disorder: 'It's been an ongoing journey for me'

Candace Cameron Bure reveals her secrets to staying healthy: ‘It’s been an ongoing journey’

EXCLUSIVE: At age 44, Candace Cameron Bure is in the best shape of her life.

The “Fuller House” star credits having a healthy lifestyle to both looking and feeling good about herself. But the journey was far from simple for the actress, who previously developed an eating disorder after her run on “Full House,” which aired from 1987 until 1995. Netflix’s reboot of the hit sitcom premiered in 2016.

When the series originally wrapped, Bure moved to Montreal to support her husband Valeri Bure’s hockey career, People magazine reported. She often found herself isolated and alone. Soon after, her eating patterns became unhealthy.

According to the outlet, the actress attempted to keep her eating disorder a secret from her friends and family. However, her father soon discovered her dangerous behavior. Feeling ashamed, the outlet noted Bure decided she would no longer binge and purge. After receiving the help and support she needed, as well as relying on her faith, Bure was able to recover.

Today, she has a more positive relationship with wellness to stay healthy.

“It’s been an ongoing journey for me,” Bure explained to Fox News. “My relationship with food and my relationship with fitness… I’ve been very public about an eating disorder that I had in my early 20s. And it’s something I still think about in terms of making good choices for myself to stay on the right track. And so I think the biggest key for me that was like a lightbulb moment was just understanding and listening to my body, and ultimately realizing how much better I feel when I make good choices.”

“It’s not to say you can’t eat that or I will never eat that,” the mom of three noted. “I eat everything, but I know I have to eat in small portions, in moderation, because then it’s just like this never-ending cycle. A cycle that you put yourself… Like, ‘Oh, I don’t feel good today.’ But you know it’s a consequence of overeating a ton of sugar. And so I realized if I just don’t do that, I won’t have the cycle of that battle in my life anymore.”

Bure shared that for her, life is too short not to enjoy the foods you love. However, rather than restricting yourself, she said eating in moderation is key whether at home or on the go.

“I love cheat days,” she chuckled. “And the truth is, I eat really what I want to eat. I just try to eat the things that aren’t so good for me in moderation… Chips and guacamole are my go-to. I love it. And then if I really want a sweet treat, ice cream is always my favorite.”

Bure said that during quarantine amid the coronavirus pandemic, she’s turned to Instagram where she’s been sharing her favorite healthy recipes and workout routines from home. She’s also been a longtime ambassador of StarKist and recommended their Creations Microwavables for those short on time.

“It comes with wild-caught tuna and whole grains,” she said. “It might be quinoa, rice or even black beans and vegetables…. It’s great. You can take them anywhere. They’re super convenient and they taste delicious.”

Bure also revealed it’s just as important to have a daily fitness regimen — one that’s enjoyable.

“My relationship with fitness — I didn’t always love working out,” she admitted. “I certainly didn’t like it as a kid, as a young teen [or] even in my early 20s. I really found the joy of fitness in my 30s and it’s because I found things that I liked to do. And I found the fun in it, and I also found people that I enjoy doing it with.”

Bure said she’s been working out with fitness trainer Kira Stokes for about five years. She said having someone in your corner to cheer you on has been motivating to help her break a sweat and try new routines. During the pandemic, Bure has been using Stokes’ fitness app to exercise from home.

“Even before COVID, I’d work out at the gym occasionally, but my house is the main place that I work out,” she explained. “And really, you can get such an incredible workout with very few tools to help you. I have bands that I use and a very small light ball that I can just easily blow up. I do have weights. But I use [the fitness app] about five days a week. And then if I can FaceTime with Kira, sometimes we do.”

“I think fitness should be fun,” she continued. “And it’s most important to find something that you enjoy doing. Kira has this amazing positive energy, so she gets you riled up, even if you aren’t looking forward to working out. You’ll get into it just because she’s so positive.”

Bure said she has never been more grateful to take care of herself. And she hopes her journey will inspire others to do the same.

“Fitness is important to me and I eat healthy foods,” she said. “That really is the secret — taking care of myself.”

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