Cardi B Asked for a NYE Hangover Cure & This Started Trending on Twitter

Cardi B was planning ahead!

On Wednesday (December 30), the 28-year-old “WAP” rapper took to her Twitter to ask fans for suggestions on how to survive a hangover as she was planning on getting lit for New Year’s Eve.

“What do you guys recommend for hangovers?,” Cardi tweeted with a pair of laughing and crying emojis. “I’m trying to see double on New Year’s Eve but I want to be good In the a.m.”

Fans then started sharing suggestions with her, and so many people told her to drink Pedialyte before and after drinking alcohol that it started trending on Twitter.

“The fact that @iamcardib has Pedialyte trending is right on brand for 2020 LOL,” a fan then tweeted.

Another fan then shared some great advice on how to survive a hangover with the help of Pedialyte.

“Gatorade/Powerade/Pedialyte/any electrolytes BEFORE drinking and the next morning,” the fan tweeted. ”Full stomach of good s – – t (like, vegetables or fruits or dairy or protein) a few hours before. A little coffee or caffeine during always helps me too.”

Here’s to hoping Cardi B took some of the advice from her fans!

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