Cardi B Deactivates Twitter Account After Fans Call Her Out For Releasing A Doll Instead Of New Music

Cardi B isn’t playing around any more on social media!

The Bodak Yellow rapper deactivated her Twitter account for a while on Friday night and on into Saturday morning, evidently fed up AF with fans after she released a new toy doll only to receive endless backlash for not releasing new music!

Can’t please everybody all the time, that’s for sure…

The high-energy 28-year-old momma had some very good reasons for releasing her own toy doll line for little girls, as we’ll investigate a bit more (below). But before we get there, it was clear she was completely fed up with fan reaction of it not being a new track!

After shutting down her Twitter account for a while on Friday evening, Offset‘s baby momma took to Instagram Live to explain her side of the story. Heck, in the last seven months she’s released hits like WAP and Up, but it appears the fans just want more!

And she told them off, saying in the IG Live video (below):

“I have so much pressure. I’m working on a lot of s**t to please people. I wanna please my fans, because y’all been asking for something from me for a very long time that I can’t say, and I’m doing it for ya. How am I supposed to be rich? How am I supposed to build my net worth?”

That’s definitely one way to look at it…

BTW, here’s more on the doll she created, designed, and dropped on Friday:

A post shared by Cardi B (@iamcardib)


But the controversy was only just beginning!

In a follow-up video, also posted to her Instagram account, Cardi thoroughly explained her decision to get into the doll business. To be honest, it sounds pretty wise to us, considering all the customizations and off-shoots available to little girls who fall in love with the collection. Never a bad thing to have multiple streams of income if you’re so lucky to be fortunate enough to have the opportunity, right?!

In the vid, she said:

“When this doll business got presented to me, one of the reasons I decided to do it is because I’m a girl’s mom. Nowadays, these dolls are not like Barbies. They are way more expensive. They come with way more fashion and are way more diverse. They come so chic and I constantly gotta spend money on these dolls. My daughter constantly want me to buy these dolls, she actually has a preference … Why am I not going to get into the doll business? ‘Cause one thing people are never gonna stop having are daughters.”

That’s very true!

You can watch that whole video here:

A post shared by Cardi B (@iamcardib)


All’s well that ends well…

Hours after the doll controversy, thankfully, Cardi re-activated her Twitter account. What would we do without her on there?!

PLUS, she appeared to share a snippet of new music she’s been working on!!

It’s very brief, but ch-ch-check out this very short clip posted early Saturday morning (below):

Well then!!!

Thoughts, Perezcious readers?!

Did U expect the doll announcement to blow up in to a big controversy like this, or what??

Sound OFF about Cardi, her Twitter account, and her doll collection down in the comments (below)!!!

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