Casey Goode, American Idol Alum, Reveals Newborn Has COVID-19

Casey Goode, a past American Idol contestant and Instagram influencer who also goes by the nickname “Quigley,” shared some disturbing news with social media followers on Sunday evening:

Her two-week old son has tested positive for COVID-19.

The artist shared a post from the hospital with her baby boy, who was released from the NICU just several prior, as part of her confirmation.

“Max tested positive for COVID-19 early Saturday am. We took him into the ER after he was running a fever in the middle of the night.

“We had confirmation that he was exposed from direct contact with a medical professional who had cared for him earlier in the week, the new mother explained.

“This has been a total shock to us.”

The singer is “currently quarantining with her son,” she continued, expounding as follows:

“They are treating me as if I have been exposed and are likely positive as well, although I am showing no symptoms yet.

“Please send good energy to our little bub so he recovers fast.

“Not sure what happens next from here … but I expect to be offline for a while as we recover.”

Understandably emotional, Goode broke down in tears on Instagram while telling everyone what had transpired.

“I’m here by myself and I’m trying to stay really strong for him, but I don’t know what’s gonna happen,” she said.

“His fever has broken, but he has to be on oxygen for awhile.”

Goode’s husband, Jack Poticorn, added viia a post of his own: “We are in good spirits but we could also use some positive vibes.”

Goode gave birth in late September, just 37 weeks into her pregnancy.

The couple’s infant “wasn’t crying or moving much when he came out, she wrote via Instagram at the time, adding:

“I only got to see him for about three seconds before he went to the NICU.”

Maximilian then stayed in the NICU for a about of week, before his mom and dad were finally able to bring him home.

Casey also shared the moving reason she and Alex decided to name their first baby Maximilian.

“There was a third name, Max, that Alex and I had talked about. It was the name of his baby brother.

“Most of you probably don’t know this… but my husband was not always an only child.

“When he was 12, his brother was born and was only on this earth a short while before he passed of a heart condition,” she said, adding:

After a series of bizarre and unexpected twists and turns this week, I asked the Universe and God to show me the answer. And boy did they respond. 

“I had so many signs pointing me to Max.”

Goode appeared on season 8 of American Idol in 2009.

She was eliminated in the show’s seventh week.

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