Charlotte is the richest royal grandchild – and its all thanks to mum Kate

First it was the ‘Diana Effect’, then it was the ‘Kate Effect’ and now it’s the royal children’s turn.

Whether it is Prince George, Princess Charlotte or Prince Louis, whatever the royal trio are seen wearing at an engagement or in public is guaranteed to be an instant sell-out.

From gorgeous knits to adorable shoes, the royal children have truly been proclaimed as style icons with parents everywhere eager to dress their little ones just like the Wales children.

This goal is made all the easier thanks to the fact that the Princess of Wales has pledged normality time and time again by regularly dressing herself and her children in well-known high street brands.

And it is clear that Princess Charlotte has already started to inherit her mother's impeccable sense of style as she has been ranked as one of the most fashionable celebrity children and managed to beat her two brothers on the list.

While The Princess of Wales is frequently praised for her sense of style, it seems her daughter is following in her footsteps.

A study has looked at the net worth's of the most famous celebrity children in the world to reveal who has the biggest fortunes in 2023.

The research which was conducted by Electric Ride on Cars explains: "Princess Charlotte of Wales ranks as the worlds richest child with a huge net worth of £3.6 billion ($4.4 billion).

"Although her net worth has dropped by 12% since 2021, she still edges out her older brother Prince George, apparently due to the “Kate Middleton effect”, where the fashion choices of the Royal Family can have a huge impact on fashion trends.

Looking far ahead into the future, Princess Charlotte would be entitled to inherit a very senior title when Prince William is King. In the years to come, Charlotte could be styled as The Princess Royal – the current title of Princess Anne.

The Princess Royal is typically the eldest daughter of the monarch but the inheritance of the title is not guaranteed if the previous holder is still alive.

When King George V died, his daughter Mary was still the Princess Royal, meaning that when King George VI came to the throne his daughter Princess Elizabeth could not inherit the title even though she would have been eligible to hold it.

Unlike other styles, when the Princess Royal dies the title is not automatically inherited by her eldest daughter, it instead goes back to the monarch to bestow it upon their own daughter, if they have one.

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