Chelsea Houska: Please Don’t Look at My Racist Social Media Posts!

Chelsea Houska is definitely a Teen Mom favorite.

So many people who watch the show love her, probably because she's one of the very, very few Teen Mom cast members who has never been in any kind of scandal.

Or, well, that used to be true.

Unfortunately, we're learning that in the past, Chelsea has made some pretty offensive comments on social media.

And while she's trying to hide that now, the internet never forgets …

1.Uh Oh

2.Squeaky Clean

3.A Real Role Model

4.Serving a Purpose

5.Living the Dream

6.Here We Go

7.Checking Up

8.Bye, Stassi

9.Hitting Closer to Home

10.Not Having It



13.Not Happy

14.Not Fair?

15.Who's in Trouble?

16.Getting Nervous

17.Oh Girl …


19.More Taylor Trouble

20.So Disappointing

21.Um …

22.Oh No

23.What Taste


25.Making Changes


27.Good Call

28.Something to Consider

29.Who Knows?



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