Chinese Actress Allegedly Had Children Via Surrogate – Then Abandoned Them!

2021’s off to a very bad start for Zheng Shuang!

The Chinese actress’ career is taking a quick nosedive after her ex-boyfriend, Zhang Heng, accused her of attempting to abandon the two children the couple had through a surrogate in the US.

It all began on Monday when Zheng’s ex-bf took to Chinese social media platform Weibo to release voice recordings of a woman, who he claimed was the actress, expressing frustration that it was too late to terminate the surrogate’s pregnancy. A man said to be Zheng’s father was then reportedly heard suggesting the children could be given up for adoption.

Zheng’s jilted boyfriend went on to release a statement, claiming he was stranded alone in the US taking care of the two children, who were born in 2019 and 2020, after the Love O2O star left following their split. (For those who don’t know, surrogacy is illegal in China. However, some wealthy couples go abroad to have surrogate children in countries such as the US.)

After the controversy went viral, the actress took to her Weibo account to vaguely share her side of the story. Zheng told fans she had not violated laws in either China or the US, but didn’t comment on whether her ex’s claims were true. She did offer:

“It’s a very sad and private matter for me.”

Although Zheng has yet to confirm whether the babies are hers, receipts are finding their way to the internet. Birth certificates posted online showed the babies are a boy born in December 2019 in Colorado and a girl born in January 2020 in Nevada — both with Zheng and Zhang listed as the parents.

Moreover, the two are scheduled for a court hearing related to Dissolution & Permanent Orders, which are typically meant for divorce or child custody proceedings. According to Global Times, Zhang’s friend told the media that the children could not return to China because Zheng refused to cooperate with the related legal processes.

Unsurprisingly, Zheng is already experiencing some fallout over this scandal. A week after becoming an ambassador for Prada, the Italian luxury brand terminated her deal on Tuesday, stating on its official Weibo account:

“The Prada Group has terminated all cooperation with Ms Zheng Shuang.”

Yeesh. What do U think about this story, Perezcious readers? Can Zheng bounce back from this, or is her career essentially over?

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