Chris Evans: ‘That can’t happen’ Virgin Radio DJ tells team to redo ‘awful’ moment on show

Chris Evans, 53, was left “offended” on Wednesday morning after the whole radio team made a huge blunder. The “awful” moment provoked Chris to turn off the music, and halt the show in order to redo a segment.

I don’t care, that can’t happen on this show

Chris Evans

It began just as Chris finished playing a track to lead into his next talking point, and the host seemed to stumble over words, repeating them over and over again.

Soon, there was a long pause before he blurted out: “That was awful.”

There was another short pause as the former BBC radio show host said: “If you have time machine cane we borrow it?

“That was the worst segway ever on the radio and it was on my show!” he groaned at the embarrassment.

“I’m confronted, I’m offended.”


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Just as listeners thought they would ignore the slip ups and move on, Chris suddenly stopped the music completely and the whole studio went silent.

“We need to reload the whole thing, gobsmackers and everything – we cannot let that happen!” he snapped, as all that could be heard was the rustling of papers and people moving about the studio.

His co-star Vassos Alexander seemed a little baffled at the request.

“This is actually our version of a time machine,” he joked, as Chris interrupted.

“I don’t care, that can’t happen on this show,” he erupted.

Vassos agreed: “I think you’re right, let’s start again.”

The rustling continued as Chris lay out his demands: “We need the news out jingle, we need the gobsmacker, the read – we need to all that again,” he said, soaking to the team sitting in the gallery.

He gave a huge sigh before accidentally blaming the producer for the mistake:

“The was terrible Gav – sorry I just said his name!”

There was a hoot of laughter, before the Virgin Radio crew cracked on to try and rectify the situation, including calling Rachel Horne back to give the news headlines.

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Rachel has been working from home ever since one of her children showed mild symptoms of coronavirus and has been joining her co-star’s via video chat in the studio.

But while working remotely, the BBC business expert has received a few unwanted comments from Chris about her home decor.

“”I’m looking at that door and hoping it was apart of the fixtures and fittings when she bought the house,” Chris said to Vassos on Tuesday’s show.

“Because it’s a brass door handle and it’s a classic, it’s got a slight kink in it.

“I can’t stand brass fixtures and fittings, they give me the creeps!”


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After openly admitting he has a hatred of all things brass, he made a brutally honest comment about the birthday gift he received from the team.

“That’s why I had an issue with the knot case you bought me!

“The team know I love knots, so they brought me this sunken frame – this velvet backed, brass plated knot display and it just gave me the creeps, it weirded me right out!” he told listeners, as Vassos chuckled in the background.

At least they now know what not to get Chris in the future!

The Chris Evans Breakfast Show with Sky continues weekdays at 6am on Virgin Radio,

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