Chris Evans: Virgin Radio DJ told he would ‘ruin’ listed building when buying family home

Chris Evans recalls purchasing a Grade I listed building

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Chris Evans, 55, like the whole nation, was shocked that the “top six” major football teams in England, including Manchester United, Liverpool and Arsenal, had signed up to become part of the European Super League, an idea which hasn’t been very well received at all. The announcement of the supplementary competition has been slammed for “stealing the game away from fans” and having a detrimental impact on the wider football pyramid.

So the Grade I star means what? Not much really

Chris Evans

With money the driving factor behind the proposal, Chris admitted no one could blame the club owners for making the decision, despite not agreeing with the idea.

“Certain things like football should be listed,” he said on Tuesday’s radio show.

“Businesses, important arts – all part of our national culture because they’re so important!

“I don’t think you can blame for this, you can blame them if they understand, but they don’t understand it – they don’t get it,” he shrugged.

“To them [club owners] it’s just business.”

He brought up a “golden rule” of “do unto others as you would have undone to yourself”, a saying that led him to question what anyone else would have done in their shoes.

“You have to put yourself in their position, what would you do?” he rhetorically asked viewers.

“No one knows what’s going to happen!”

Going back to the idea of protecting certain elements of society like a listed building, brought back memories of when he bought a Grade I listed property and was told, as the owner, he would “ruin it”.

Perhaps a very fitting metaphor for how thousands of fans feel about how the European Super League will impact their beloved sport.

“I once bought a house which was Grade I listed,” he began, “They heard that I bought it and they stuck a star on the next day.”

Chris remembered being confused as to why and giggled as he recalled their answer.

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“‘Because its you and you’re going to ruin it,'” he remembered they told him.

“So the Grade I star means what? Not much really,” Chris chuckled.

“I wasn’t going to anything anyway, I wanted to make it better!”

Using his own experience as an example, he added: “But you should do that with people, as opposed to cold, stony, lifeless brick.

“Regardless of how beautiful the architecture is, and I think that things should be protected as well, but not over and above things involving people.”

The outcome of the Super League has received immense backlash, prompting the six English teams involved to announce their withdrawal on Tuesday evening.

The Chris Evans Breakfast Show airs weekdays at 6:30am on Virgin Radio.

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