Christopher Meloni Tells The Story Behind His \u2018Blessed\u2019 Glutes

It was the butt shot heard around the world. On April 7, a behind-the-scenes shot of actor Christopher Meloni filming Law and Order: SVU (or maybe it was his new spin-off, Law and Order: Organized Crime?), and well, there’s no other way to say it than that his ass looked quite prominent. Peter Hess (@PeterNHess), who posted the viral photo originally, summed it up nicely in the follow-up to his own Tweet: “Law and Ardor: Special Thicctims Unit.” Meloni didn’t miss this viral moment, and has now responded to it in a new piece in Interview Magazine.

Along with the new spread in Interview, Meloni gave readers the full lowdown on, well, his butt. And as it turns out, those viral photos caught Meloni at a particularly strong moment where he’d been working particularly hard on a weight training program focused on…the lower half of his body. Here’s his full explanation:

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