Cow Named After Posh Spice Breaks World Sale Record

Here’s a story with some meat on it — a “stylish and shapely” bovine, much like her namesake, mooed down the competition for a world record! Oh yeah, and she’s a Spice Girl.

The heifer’s name is “Posh Spice,” and she sold at auction in the U.K. city of Carlisle for a whopping £262,000 … which is more than $358k.

The sale doubled the previous record, set in 2014, and the breeder, Christine Williams, compared the sum to winning the lottery … though she says she knew the 1-year-old cow had the “x-factor” to make it happen.

Apparently, Spice’s characteristics of larger loin depth, reduced-fat cover and greater meat tenderness turned the auction into a real cattle battle … resulting in the record-setting price.

As for her name — it’s Wilodge Poshspice in full — Williams says the big gal’s following the footsteps of her mother … whose name was Milbrook Gingerspice. Naturally.

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