DaBaby Under Fire for Saying Kanye West’s Got His Vote

The ‘Suge’ rapper is called out for endorsing the ‘Follow God’ hitmaker as president amid allegations that Ye is running a campaign to support Donald Trump.

AceShowbiz -Once again a declaration of support for Kanye West on his presidential bid has been met with backlash. DaBaby is the latest star who has revealed he’s endorsing his fellow rapper, saying that he would vote for the Yeezy designer at the upcoming election.

Like many other celebrities who have previously voiced their support for Kanye, DaBaby has since come under fire for his comments on Kanye. One Twitter user called him “so ignorant for using his platform to say something that irresponsible.” Nothing that “the last thing America needs right now is Kanye West as president,” the user pointed out a speculation that Ye’s presidential campaign “is all an elaborate plot to distract & divert the Black vote, so that Trump wins again.”

“Y’all rappers really ain’t useful for nothing huh lmao,” another slammed the 28-year-old artist. A third person against Kanye’s campaign wrote, “Please stop endorsing this message! I love ye, but he is in no condition to run a country.”

“Please don’t take political advice from a man who isn’t tall enough to reach the voting booth and intelligence isn’t deep enough to understand the consequences of having Kanye in office,” a fourth commenter mocked DaBaby while warning voters, “while Dababy’s very fan base of young and Black people will be the ones that will suffer.”

Another predicted DaBaby’s doomed future after his tweets of support for Kanye, “DaBaby career flailing. He tweeted that cause he wanna go to Kanye farm and make music with him.” Someone else already denounced him as saying, “get dababy off this list he’s voting for kanye like a worthless fad.”

A disappointed fan of DaBaby chimed in, “Wow…. this is the last thing we need. I was die hard DaBaby fan. But damn idk bout this. Y’all please let’s not waste our vote , voting for Kanye!!! It’s going to take away from someone who can beat trump out of office.” Someone else added, “DaBaby is dabiggest f**king idiot for backing Kanye and his nonsense.”

On Tuesday, August 11, Kanye tweeted, “Let’s goooooo,” and explained that it was “Da baby ad lib by the way.” The Cleveland-born star responded, “Warning! Use the ‘let’s goooo’ adlib at your own risk. It makes you unstoppable.”

The “Bop” spitter later stated that the Atlanta-born star’s got his vote, writing, “Ima let y’all finish. But you got me f**ked up you think I ain’t voting for Ye.”

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