David Beckham Just Proved He'll Be a Silver Fox in His 70s — All for a Good Cause

David Beckham has been turning heads since he was a young celebrity soccer star. He may be retired from the sport now, but he hasn’t stopped looking amazing, as recent workout pictures prove. And it looks like his sex appeal isn’t going away any time soon.

A recent video gave fans a glimpse of what Beckham might look like in about 30 years, and it seems that he’s going to age pretty well. 

David Beckham stays fit

Back during his soccer-playing days, Beckham had to stay in excellent shape to do his job well. But since retirement, he’s proved that he’s still just as committed to working out. At 45, it’s easy to see that he’s in great condition. 

Daily Mail reports that as COVID-19 restrictions eased in England, Beckham took the first chance to hit an F45 Training fitness studio. This workout brand is similar to CrossFit, with challenging weight lifting exercises and high-intensity interval training (HIIT).

Beckham mentioned on social media how glad he was to be back with his workout community, although it’s clear he has also been working out at home during the lockdown.

His disciplined exercise routine is evident. You can see the results in pictures, such as the shirtless photo he recently posted to Instagram. His comment that went along with the post was a complaint about triceps dips, but fans had nothing bad to say about his muscular arms and impressive six-pack abs. 

As if looking great at 45 years old weren’t enough, Beckham recently shared a peek at what he might look like in about 30 years — and it seems that admirers still have plenty to look forward to. 

A campaign to end malaria

According to CNN, Beckham recently took part in a campaign with the nonprofit group Malaria No More. The organization’s goal is to eliminate the mosquito-borne disease malaria in our lifetime. To illustrate this, Beckham appeared in a video as an older man. This 70-something version of him on screen announces that malaria has been defeated, ending “humankind’s oldest and deadliest enemy.”

The video then shows Beckham’s face as it changes back to him in the present day. He then speaks about the current reality: that malaria is an enormous problem that kills a child every two minutes around the globe. 

The message of the campaign video is that we must get serious today if we want to succeed at eradicating the enemy of malaria. It’s an important idea to consider and it’s a sobering thought. 

But fans couldn’t help noticing one little thing about Beckham: he still looks great as a 70-something-year-old man. 

He cares about many causes

Malaria No More isn’t the only good cause that Beckham supports. According to Look to the Stars, he and his wife have founded the Victoria and David Beckham Charitable Trust, which provides wheelchairs to disabled children who can’t afford them. He’s also been named a UNICEF ambassador, and he helped work on their campaign against AIDS. 

Just a few of the other charities he supports are the African Wildlife Foundation, Help for Heroes, Save the Children, and Peace One Day. He and Victoria are rumored to have a net worth near $1 billion, and they seem determined to use their time and their wealth to help the world. 

Beckham has invested a lot of time and money into making the world a better place. And if the recent Malaria No More video is any indication, he’s going to be looking good while he’s doing good for a long time to come. 

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