David Eason: Jenelle Evans Would Rather Hang With Junkie Prostitutes Than Spend Time With Her Own Family!

Well, we knew this would happen eventually.

We just didn't think it would happen quite so soon.

From the moment Jenelle Evans and David Eason got back together (some say they never actually broke up, but that's a conversation for another time), it was inevitable that one of their nasty fights would spill out onto social media and become public knowledge.

That happened on Monday, and folks, this one is a doozy, even by Jenelle and David standards.

Check out the latest insanity from everyone's least favorite former reality stars:

1.Back At It

2.Still the Same

3.The Whiner

4.Are They Looking For FREE Babysitters?!

5.Good News For Bad People

6.Awful, As Usual

7.King of the Land


9.Spilling the Tea

10.And Here We Go …

11.Letting It All Out

12.Besties Against Dave

13.Tantrum King

14.Solid Point


16.She Never Learns

17.Back and Forth

18.The Cycle Continues

19.Just the Worst

20.Of Course She Is

21.Here She Goes

22.At Least on The Land The Violent Psychos Are People You Know

23.The Educator

24.The More Things Change

25.United In Ignorance

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