David Eason Makes Fun of Amber Portwood, Threatens to Stab Some Dude with a Sword

David Eason has once again proven that he’s a very stable and reasonable individual without a violent streak anywhere to be found in his body.

We’re just kidding, you guys.

The guy is a dangerous loon who, outside of Ronnie Ortiz-Magro, probably stands the best chance of actually murdering someone out of all the celebrities we write about on a frequent basis.

Need a couple morre cases in point?

No problem.

Over this past weekend, Mr. Janelle Evans had a great deal of free time on his hands — so he spent it with his most precious personal items, a bunch of sharp blades he helped sculpt.

At one point, during one of these educational videos, (captured by Instagram account @KittyJakers and shared by Instagram account @Mrs.WeedLove), Eason made a reference to Amber Portwood.

Specificallly, he made a reference to Portwood’s arrest for domestic violence in July 2019; back when she was accused of attacking her Andrew Glennon with a machete.

“Right now, it’s only this long,” he said of a sword. “That’s about as long as Amber’s machete when she went after her baby daddy. You need it a little longer than that.”

Not exactly the harshest Amber Portwood dig of all-time.

Heck, not even the harshest Amber Portwood dig of all-time made by David Eason, who has trashed the Teen Mom OG star on plenty of occasions.

But if you’re David Eason? And you’ve confessed to murdering your family dog in cold blood and also drunkenly broken your wife’s collarbone in an angry rage?

You may not be in a prime position to make fun of anyone else’s controversial past.

“You need like an Uncle Dave sword,” Eason added, addressing Amber and then seemingly threatening to just stab someone out there:

“I might have to find somebody and engrave my name on it.”

Just lovely.

Moving right along, as only he can, the father of two recently made a video that made fun of Asians.

In this particular piece of footage, he used stereotypical Asian music and ate what he described as a “traditional Korean style hot dog” while speaking in an insulting and demeaning accent.

We repeat:

Just lovely.

Evans hasn’t said anything on response to these new controversies… likely because she’s used to them by now.

And also because she’s probably very scared of her husband.

We did mention that he broke Jenelle’s collarbone, right? Something she admitted to herself in a call with a 911 operator in October 2018?

That just seems worth reminding people from time to time.

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