Deavan Clegg: If Fans Keep Bullying My Kids, I Will QUIT 90 Day Fiance!

Deavan Clegg and Jihoon Lee are one of the two returning couples in 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Season 2.

But after witnessing the vile things that people have said about her children online, Deavan is reconsidering letting her family be filmed at all.

Deavan Clegg is absolutely furious, and she’s taking to Instagram to tell her fans why.

“Came across a YouTube video of a woman bashing my children and talking poorly about them,” Deavan begins.

“You can hate on me,” she writes. “That’s fine.”

Deavan notes that people are free to criticize her “and my parenting.”

“But when it comes to my kids,” Deavan emphasizes, “No, no, no.”

“I’m literally this close to removing my children completely,” she threatens.

Deavan explains that she will remove them “from filming” and from “social media.”

“And,” she adds, she is considering “deleting anything with my kids.”

All of this, Deavan explains, is “because adults seem to think it’s okay to bully children.”

After concluding her impassioned statement, Deavan added a caption: “This needs to stop.”

What she describes is absolutely abhorrent.

And, sadly, from what we here at THG have seen from 90 Day Fiance “fans,” this isn’t as much of a surprise as it should be.

Deavan’s first daughter is Drascilla. She is just a few years old.

Her son with Jihoon, Taeyang, is literally a baby.

After footage of Drascilla acting like a normal 3-year-old aired on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way last year, fans said vicious things.

Some people advocated physical child abuse towards Drascilla because of her normal, age-appropriate behavior. People are monsters.

We don’t know which particular video it was the Deavan found.

She did not share it, which is wise. Sharing a link would get them more visits, comments, and potentially even money.

Perhaps the person’s video was advocating the same evil things that we have heard from fans.

The person may have been simply a child-hater, or may have had racist things to say about the kids. In the end, it doesn’t matter.

Awful statements about children is awful, no matter what.

We know that Deavan Clegg hasn’t always liked our reporting when it comes to how 90 Day Fiance couples are impacted by political policies.

But share her outrage and horror at the vile things that people have said about her babies.

At least, a portion of ti — no one is going to feel for or defend Drascilla and Taeyang with the passion and fire of their own mother.

Seriously, what is wrong with people?

Part of it is that social media bypasses some of the social feedback that people are accustomed to receiving, so they filter their thoughts less.

But another problem is that certain algorithms are driven by the outrage that they inspire.

If you put out hateful, negative content on all topics every day, you can get attention that drives up revenue.

Deavan and Jihoon are returning on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Season 2. They are one of two returning couples.

It looks like this season will follow Deavan as she adjusts to making the parmanent move to South Korea.

She will be doing modeling work to support the family, and we have seen in the first teaser that Jihoon will have some jealousy issues.

Hopefully, he will outgrow that quickly. Jealousy is a disease. We’ll be excited to watch their journey!

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