Diddy’s Son Christian Combs Shares Pic of Injured Face Following Car Crash

‘IM GOOD !!! THANK you GOD. Thank you to everybody who reached out!’ the rap mogul’s son writes on Instagram alongside a selfie of his injured face, before recalling the ‘crazy’ night.

AceShowbiz -Sean “P. Diddy” Combs’ son Christian Combs is fortunately okay after he was involved in a drunk-driving accident. The 22-year-old, who was hit by a drunk driver on Tuesday night, August 4, has taken to his Instagram account to update fans about his condition following the accident.

“IM GOOD !!! THANK you GOD,” he wrote alongside a selfie of his injured face. “Thank you to everybody who reached out!” Recalling the scary accident, Christian continued writing, “Last night was crazy seen my life flash before my eyes !! I was hit by a drunk driver !”

He then urged everyone not to “DRINK AND DRIVE.” Concluding his message, he revealed that he was grateful that he “walked out with just a couple little scars.”

In response to the post, Russell Simmons‘ daughter Ming Lee Simmons wrote in the comment section, “Thank God. We all love you so much and miss you, stay safe.” While it’s a good thing that Christian only suffered minor injuries, some others thought that the picture he shared was such a turn-off.

“Why would he take a pic of the band aid when it’s peeling off fr,” one of the commenters wondered. Another user added, “it’s the bandaid with the pose fah me.”

“I’m glad he’s good but I’m dying at the nelly bandaid as an injury,” someone else wrote. “No he didn’t slap that bandaid on his face lol. Glad he’s okay though,” one other reacted.

The car crash happened in Beverly Hills, California. Christian was behind the wheel of his Ferrari when another motorist lost control of his Tesla and smashed the vehicle into King’s sportscar. The rap mogul’s son was reportedly treated at the scene while the Tesla driver was taken into custody. Both cars were totaled.

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