DJ Quik Called Out Over His April Fools’ Shooting Joke

The veteran DJ and producer gives people a scare when he writes on his Instagram Story that he’s being rushed to the hospital after getting shot several times on the freeway.

AceShowbizDJ Quik has received backlash over his April Fools’ prank. Deciding to join in on the fun, the Compton native may have crossed the line as he joked about getting shot twice, leading people to be concerned about his well-being.

“I’m on my way to the hospital,” he posted on his Instagram Story on Thursday, April 1. “Someone just shot into my car 7-10 times on the freeway I got hit twice. Pray for me.”

In a follow-up post a few hours later, he clarified that his post about the shooting was just a joke. “Oh Yeah… APRIL FOOL!” he wrote, adding a winking face emoji.

Evidently proud that he managed to fool some people with his joke, he also addressed it in a video in which he said, “Mmmhmm, April Fool’s Day.” He added, “Y’all got to top that. I got y’all. That was a good one. Damn, I impressed myself with that. Happy April’s Fools, s**t. Love y’all. I’m good.”

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While his fans were relieved that he’s okay and safe, some others were not having it. The critics found his joke tasteless, especially with the many shooting incidents that have claimed the life of celebrities, particularly hip-hop stars.

“Dj quik getting shot as an April’s fools joke ? That s**t ain’t funny. Not in 2021,” one remarked. Another called him “lame” for “that April fools ‘joke’ at his big age. All these rappers being killed and shot at and he wanna play.”

“DJ Quik thought lying about being shot in a drive-by was a good April Fools joke?” a third person weighed in. “He thought Black people needed…at this moment…more Black trauma?” Another wrote, “Listen, I love dj quik but that April fools joke was tasteless af.”

Another disappointed fan commented, “We love DJ Quik too much for him to be playing like that.” Someone else was baffled by DJ Quik’s sense of humor, “everybody should know better than to pretend to have been shot for april fools day but i’m really surprised that it was dj quik who thought that would be a funny prank.”

A concerned fan wrote, “This was @djquik’s idea of a good April Fool’s joke. I was genuinely concerned. I’m not a fan of April Fools Day. And this is pretty much way. Quik is a legend. As a fan, I would have been heartbroken had something happened,” while someone else called his prank “the dumbest April Fools joke.”

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