Dominic West's wife Catherine FitzGerald picks hydrangeas

What would she really like to snip off? Dominic West’s wife Catherine FitzGerald smiles as she picks hydrangeas in her Irish garden amid Lily James pics scandal

  • The picture was posted to the Glin castle account on Wednesday but taken BEFORE the pictures of Dominic and Lily emerged 
  • Glin castle in Limerick is Catherine’s ancestral family home and she is a landscape designer there 
  • Dominic has been married to the Irish aristocrat Catherine since 2010 
  • The couple have four children together and no split has been announced
  • Last month, Catherine agreed to take part in a bizarre show of unity with Dominic telling reporters: ‘Our marriage is strong and we’re very much still together’

Dominic West’s wife Catherine FitzGerald has reportedly held crisis talks with her family over the future of her marriage. 

But the landscape gardener, 49, had a big smile on her face in a new Instagram picture of herself picking flowers at her ancestral home, Glin castle in Ireland, which was captioned: ‘September scenes: Picking hydrangeas.’

The picture was shared on the account on Wednesday, but taken before her husband, 51, was pictured looking very cosy with Lily James while on a trip to Rome. 

‘September scenes’: Dominic West’s smiling wife Catherine FitzGerald picked hydrangeas in an Instagram picture posted on Wednesday after ‘holding marriage crisis talks’

Just last month, The Affair actor appeared to kiss and cuddle up to his The Pursuit of Love co-star Lily while sightseeing in the Italian city. 

Not one comment on the picture referred to Dominic’s snaps, leading to a suggestion that comments had been moderated. 

A source told The Sun Catherine is deciding what to do about her marriage.  

They said: ‘She’s holed up in her family’s ancestral home, Glin Castle in County Limerick, thinking everything over. 

The insider added that Catherine has been left feeling humiliated over her husband’s recent actions.  

Getting on with it: The picture was taken weeks before Catherine learned of the flirty pictures of Lily James and Dominic West taken on their weekend break in Rome (pictured on October 11)

Last month, Catherine agreed to take part in a bizarre show of unity with Dominic telling reporters: ‘Our marriage is strong and we’re very much still together’. 

This came hours after Catherine told friends she was ‘heartbroken’ over the images, which went viral, 

The shell-shocked mother-of-four had clutched a tissue in her hand as she gingerly stepped out of the marital home in Chippenham, Wiltshire with her husband by her side, hiding her ring finger in her jeans pocket.

Dominic’s ring was off as it had been for his weekend with Lily.  

‘Out marriage is strong’: Hours after Dominic arrived home from his break with Lily, he and Catherine had put on a bizarre display of unity outside their Cotswolds home

Support: Despite this public show of unity, Catherine was said to be humiliated.

For a brief moment, she lingered in the doorway, biting her lip and staring anxiously at the ground as he glanced back and appeared to say something to her. 

Despite this public show of unity, Catherine was said to be humiliated. 

The couple are parents to daughter Dora, 13, son Senan, 12, son Francis, 11, and daughter Christabel, seven.

Dominic also has another daughter Martha, 21, with former girlfriend, aristocrat, Polly Astor. 

Bizarre: The couple handed out this note to reporters insisting they were together 

Before and after: Dominic with his wedding ring on (left) and without it in Rome (right)

Now this is awkward: Catherine’s landscape design website suffered an ’embarrassing’ website blunder recently which seemed to reflect the nature of that morning’s outing 

Dominic: ‘Women should be more indulgent of affairs’

Dominic asked an Evening Standard reporter in 2016 why wives make such a fuss over infidelity.

He said: ‘I mean, I think women should be more indulgent of affairs.

‘I really do. It’s daft to kick someone out over a fling. Isn’t it? Everyone should turn a blind eye to men’s behaviour between the ages of 40 and 50. Let it all blow over.’

He also told Harper’s Bazaar that monogamy is ‘not the necessarily natural way to be’

Last week, Old Etonian West confirmed his wife, had gone away, but explained: ‘She’s on a work trip. She’s gone by herself.’

When asked if they were still together, he laughed: ‘Of course we are. Our relationship is fine.’  

Dominic made his feelings on infidelity quite clear during an Evening Standard interview, back in 2016, when he asked the reporter why wives make such a fuss over infidelity.

He said: ‘I mean, I think women should be more indulgent of affairs. 

‘I really do. It’s daft to kick someone out over a fling. Isn’t it? Everyone should turn a blind eye to men’s behaviour between the ages of 40 and 50. Let it all blow over.’

He told Harper’s Bazaar when promoting The Affair that monogamy is ‘not the necessarily natural way to be’.

He said: ‘It’s one of those subjects that people have very strong opinions about because everybody is open to it and can experience it. It affects kings as much as it does snails. A lot of people have experienced it and a lot of people fear it.

‘I suppose people suspect that the conventions that we have agreed upon in society, that a man and women can stay together for life or a certain amount of time without cheating, that they’re not really staying together based on anything other than how society thinks they should behave.’

Moreover, in 2012, he told Femail that he gave up Catholicism for women because of ‘all those rules about sex’.

Role: Dominic is best known for playing Noah Solloway in Showtime drama, The Affair, which explores the emotional effects of an extramarital relationship between his character and Alison Bailey (Ruth Wilson)

Working together: Lily and Dominic are set to star in Emily Mortimer’s adaptation of Nancy Mitford’s celebrated novel The Pursuit Of Love for the BBC featuring Emily Beecham & Andrew Scott – filming began in July 

Happy anniversary: In July, Glin Castle in Limerick, Ireland, which Catherine co-owns, shared a throwback picture of Dominic’s wedding on their Instagram account, ten years on 

Meanwhile, Lily has raised eyebrows by forging close friendships with two co-stars in recent productions – Armie in Rebecca and West in BBC drama The Pursuit Of Love, which traces the romantic adventures of the free-spirited Linda Radlett between the two world wars.  

Lily featured in a number of steamy embraces with The Social Network star Armie in the recent Netflix adaptation of Daphne Du Maurier’s Rebecca – but it was their off-camera chemistry that prompted gossip on the set that they had become an item, before he split from his wife this summer. 

The actor, who stars as the mysterious Maxim de Winter, split from wife Elizabeth Chambers, 38, in July after 10 years of marriage, and they share children Harper, five, and Ford, three. 

Way back when: As well as the shock of the snaps of her intimate lunch with West – taken on Sunday 11 October – Lily has also been hit with claims that she grew close to her married Rebecca co-star Armie Hammer (pictured with his estranged wife Elizabeth Chambers) 

A film insider also told the publication: ‘She and Armie were obviously close and spent a lot of time together in the evenings and at weekends.’  

Meanwhile, following the emergence of the images of her lunch with West, Lily pulled out of a series of promotional appearances to plug Rebecca and has remained silent on the scandal ever since. 

In The Pursuit Of Love, West appears as the bullying and eccentric Uncle Matthew. 

In an interview with The Guardian conducted before the dalliance in Rome, Ms James said she had known her co-star for ‘a really long time’ since they appeared together in a Shakespeare play a decade ago. 

Speaking of his role in their latest venture, she added: ‘He’s a brilliant Uncle Matthew, another mad sort of character. 

Intimate: It’s been claimed that Lily and Armie grew close after appearing in passionate scenes in the adaptation of the 1938 Daphne du Maurier novel, and insiders have now claimed the pair formed a close bond on set

‘I have a great line in it where I say, “Matthew is frightening and I disapprove of him, but I feel he sets the bar for English manhood.” What a great line.’ 

Lily and Armie finally made a joint appearance after cancelling a string of interviews following her recent Dominic West scandal on Mark Wright’s Heart show last week. 

Before that, Lily had pulled out of interviews with the Today show in America earlier this week and the upcoming episode of The Graham Norton Show. 

During their joint appearance Lily discussed her love for the Spice Girls, but again failed to address that romantic liaison with Dominic. 

Mark told Lily that Emma Bunton, who she is a fan of, has her own Heart show and Lily said: ‘I love Emma so much, and I went to the Spice Girls gig and she met me back stage and it was one of the greatest days of my life… 

‘I was with my two best friends and my other best friend lives in New York and Emma did a video with us and was like “Hi Danni” and honestly us four best friends have known each other since we were eleven, it was one of the greatest moments of our life. I adore her.’

She’s BACK! Last month, Lily made her first solo TV appearance following her holiday where she addressed Mamma Mia 3! rumours during the chat and spoke about Rebecca 

Armie chimed in and spoke about her emotional reaction to the video, adding: ‘Lily came to work the next day after the Spice Girls concert and while in the makeup trailer talking to her makeup artist about the fact that she got a video with Emma, she started crying.’ 

Lily also detailed the strop she had when she thought she was going to miss the show, and said: 

‘Also, on the night of going, they kept me later than they should have. They went overtime and I have never thrown a tantrum on set before, and I was livid, wasn’t I Armie? I thought I was going to miss the Spice Girls!’ 

Mark didn’t question Lily on her recent headline-grabbing getaway, where she was pictured cosying up to Dominic during the romantic weekend away.

Lily made her first TV appearance following the controversy on the Wednesday before, when she appeared on he Jimmy Fallon show without Armie to discuss their film.  She addressed Mamma Mia 3! rumours during the chat.

Jimmy, 46, also did not broach the scandalous subject which saw Dominic and his wife Catherine FitzGerald, 49, take part in a bizarre photocall outside their Cotswolds home last week, insisting their ‘marriage was strong.’

Lily’s interview segment opened with Jimmy asking about her quarantine project of teaching a Broadway class over Zoom.

She said it was her first time teaching and the project consisted of Broadway and West End professionals teaching theatre classes online to students.

Quarantine project: Jimmy, 46, did not broach the scandalous subject and opened Lily’s interview segment by asking about her quarantine project of teaching a Broadway class over Zoom

‘It’s great because, you know, when these performers can’t perform because of lockdown they’re getting to share their skills and people at home can be creative and learn and try and have some fun,’ Lily said. 

‘I was teaching audition technique which is insane because I am terrible at auditions. I auditioned for Mamma Mia! during Glastonbury weekend.  I knew I had to sing in this audition, I was desperate for this part.

‘It was due to be scheduled at the end of Glastonbury. I knew for sure that after screaming in a field for five days there was no way I would be able to sing, so I did it on the way in the car.

‘I had the car parked and filled to the brim with wellies. I went to Glasto. My phone ran out of battery.

‘It wasn’t until on the way home, I plugged my phone in and my agent called me. I was like, [raspy voice]… ‘Hello!’ 

‘She said: ‘You got the job!’ I said ‘Please say it doesn’t start soon’.’   

Fallon asked Lily: ‘The producers say it was meant to be a trilogy, so there may be a Mamma Mia! 3 in the works. Would you be interested?’ 

‘Yes, I would do 4,5,6,7,8,9,10,’ she replied. ‘I’m down. Signed, sealed, delivered, I’m theirs.’ 

What is shamanic healing?  

Shamans are believed to be able to communicate with spirits through magic, rituals and spiritual visions.

While shamanic healing can include the shaman removing or replacing energies within the individual’s soul. 

It is a practice that has been used around the world for more than 100,000 years.

Lily also plugged her new movie Rebecca and particularly praised her co-star Kristin Scott Thomas, 60, for her work in the movie.

‘She’s just chilling and wonderful in every way,’ Lily said. 

Meanwhile, Lily can  breathe a sigh of relief because her next screen role involves no romantic interest. She is set to play Peggy Jo Tallas, a Texan outlaw who held up a string of banks in the 1990s – dressed as a man.

But while the armed robber was no stranger to adrenaline, her love life – unlike Miss James’s – was apparently non-existent.  

Ms James’s forthcoming movie, Peggy Jo, has been described as ‘Bonnie but without the Clyde’ and will be filmed early next year on location in Texas and the southern United States. 

The action begins in May 1991 when Tallas – in her trademark disguise of a stetson hat and a fake beard – starts her crime spree.

Following a robbery in 2005, Tallas – then aged 60 – was shot dead after pointing a fake gun at police. Peggy Jo is expected to be in cinema by the end of 2021.

Lily also took part in an awkwardly-timed Harper’s Bazaar video interview, again conducted before the pictures of her and Dominic West came out, but released shortly after. 

During the chat, she referred to ‘making mistakes’, ‘women having affairs’ and her ‘rebellious streak’.   

In the video, the star said: ‘I feel I’ve rebelled in that way, I was always a rebellious teenager and I think it’s important to rebel in that way. I think criticism can be good if it’s constructive but I feel like if it’s attacking you or a vendetta that’s really difficult but I’m still learning…. 

‘I’m still figuring it out but I do think I can grow and develop a thicker skin. All that matters is those who love you.’

Speaking about Rebecca, she went on: ‘The character against Rebecca, she went against all norms as a woman, disobeyed her husband and had affairs was basically just brilliant and that was only in the 30s and people are afraid of women when they’re unleashed and women are warriors and that’s intimidating.’

On making mistakes, she continued: ‘I think I make mistakes all the time and I feel that’s what life’s about and I would never want to run away from a situation or be too scared to act… 

True character: Embattled actress Lily James has spoken about the differences between how she’s perceived and how she truly is in a newly unveiled interview with Grazia

‘I think it’s better to throw yourself in and if your instincts are right even if they’re misguided or if you’re open you can recover from your mistakes and learn from them’. 

Elsewhere in  the chat, Lily admitted she wishes her younger self ‘had not been so obsessed with boys’ – and said she still thinks of herself as a child. She said she wishes she had ‘hung out with girl mates’ more in her younger years, and that she often wants to be ‘another person’ as she stunned in plunging satin for a striking shoot.

On advice she would give her younger self, she told the publication: ‘Don’t be obsessed by boys! Hang out with your girl mates. And don’t take everything so seriously – be kind to yourself!’ 

Lily recently revealed she undergoes shamanic healing sessions via Zoom as she continues her latest round of promotional appearances.  

In an interview with the Guardian Weekend magazine, released last month, the actress told how she is ‘horribly gullible’ and ‘easy to convince’. 

Shamans are believed to be able to communicate with spirits through magic, rituals and spiritual visions.  

While shamanic healing can include the shaman removing or replacing energies within the individual’s soul. It is a practice that has been used around the world for more than 100,000 years. 

Talking about her shamanic healing sessions guided with a healer, Lily said: ‘Over Zoom, with music and drumming and a healer who has led me through all these different rooms in my brain where I had all these messages. I met my grandmother’s dog Dylan, who taught me to laugh.’ 

Lily admitted that she is ‘horribly gullible’ and ‘easy to convince’, revealing that she was once approached by a fortune teller on Venice Beach in California.  

She said: ‘She came up to me and she said some s** to me that was so right, it was terrifying. But immediately the person I was with said, ‘Come on, Lily, she knows who you are’ which was true, maybe.’  

Lily went on to admit that she’s concerned the world has become too ‘moralistic’, saying that with art and life it’s ‘never black and white’ with everything happening in the ‘grey area’.

She said: ‘I think conversations about things that are difficult can become very much one side versus the other. We’re in a time where I feel things become very moralistic, and then it’s very difficult to explore around the edges.’  

Awkward! Lily James’ awkwardly-timed comments about ‘making mistakes’, ‘women having affairs’ and her ‘rebellious streak’ emerged in the wake of her scandal with West 

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