Drew Barrymore & Steven Spielberg Had A Funny Gift Exchange After She Posed For Playboy

Steven Spielberg was one of the many surprise guests on Drew Barrymore‘s birthday special, airing today.

The famed director, who directed Drew in E.T. and is also her godfather, opened up about the funny gift exchange that went down after she posed for Playboy in 1995.

Apparently, Steven had gifted her with a quilt that said “Cover Up”, and a copy of the layout from the magazine which he covered up with paper doll cut out clothes.

“I sent her the Playboy layout and I had an artist come over and do paper doll cutout clothes which I glued on to all of her partially exposed photographs and sent the whole thing back to Drew, ‘Now she’s dressed.’ Then about a week later, Drew sent me something…She sent me an apology,” Steven revealed.

The apology gift was a series of photos where she is dressed up as a nun and posed in front of a church.

In the now framed photos, Drew is seemingly “repenting” for the shoot, and captioned the pictures with “I’m sorry,” “I’ve seen the light” and “I’m on my way” respectively.

The photos still hang in Steven‘s home today.

If you missed it, Drew got another surprise from someone important in her life.

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