Drew Barrymore: There’s something ‘in every cookbook that will change your life forever’

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I am sure none of us are without our kinks and actress Drew Barrymore has decided to share hers with us. No, I am not talking about those kinds of kinks, get your head out of the gutter. Drew’s is pretty benign. She likes to read and collect cookbooks. She reads at least three a week and has a closet where she displays them.

Ahead of her new talk show on CBS, Drew decided to launch a segment on her Talk show’s Instagram account called “Drew’s Cookbook Club.” Below are a few excerpts from her show via People that explain why cookbooks are her thing.

The actress, 45, recently shared her massive cookbook collection on Instagram — complete with a separate closet to store and display her favorites. “I am a cookbook fanatic and collector!” Barrymore wrote. “Chefs are my heroes. I must read 3 cookbooks a week…cover to cover!”

After diving into so many cookbooks, Barrymore wanted to share her findings with the world, so she created her new Instagram Live show “Drew’s Cookbook Club.” In each episode, Barrymore will invite a different cookbook author she loves to showcase not only their book but other cookbook recommendations as well.

“My philosophy on cookbooks is there’s always going to be one thing in every cookbook that will change your life forever,” Barrymore says in the first episode. “I’m a collector and I want to build an arsenal of recommendations. I’m not a chef, I’m just a food lover. “I’ll be giving cookbook recommendations but I want the experts to be giving theirs too.”

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I will always remember Drew as the cute 6 year from E.T. She struggled with drug and alcohol issues in young adult life and now is raising her daughters as an adult mom.

As an amateur chef enthusiastic cook and avid foodie, I can understand why Drew collect cookbooks. I would too if I didn’t have to keep my life light. I am always moving about so Pinterest is my go to-for recipes. The treasures you can find in the thousands of pins are exceptional. I also like to recreate food I have eaten on my travels.

I personally won’t watch Drew’s talk show as I prefer podcasts. I may catch this little live segment on her show’s Instagram just to get to know some new chefs. Perhaps I’ll buy a book – for decor purposes of course. I have embedded the first episode of the show below.

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A post shared by The Drew Barrymore Show (@thedrewbarrymoreshow) on

A post shared by The Drew Barrymore Show (@thedrewbarrymoreshow) on

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