Duchess Kate is ‘upset’ at ‘the suggestion that she resents her duty and hard work’

Well, well. Looks like Katie Nicholl at Vanity Fair still has her job. Turns out being the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s hagiographer pays off sometimes, especially when Kate f–ked up in a big way and she’s trying to make sure no one (else) calls her out on it. Kate clearly okayed Tatler’s cover story and authorized her friends and (what I assume) the Kensington Palace communications staff to speak with Tatler. Then she didn’t like the result, because so many of those people in or around Kate’s orbit actually think she’s a lazy a–hole, probably. So KP tried to say that the Tatler story was made of lies and Tatler came out and said well, actually, we came to you months ago about the story. Now Kate is “threatening” Tatler with “legal action,” which is just vague enough.
Thankfully, Kate is keen about pivoting to another subject… sort of. This VF piece is FASCINATING. This is Kate’s very obvious attempt at damage control and it’s just as keen as you would imagine. Some highlights:

Kate works! After Kensington Palace went into firefighting mode this week to deny a report that the Duchess of Cambridge is feeling “exhausted” and “trapped” in her royal role, it seems a refreshed Kate is ready to return to work. While aides are working on an autumn program for the Cambridges, Kate is preparing to resume her work into her early years campaign as soon as the lockdown is lifted sources close to the royal have revealed.

But a little sidenote about the Meghan story: The article also asserted that Kate and Meghan Markle had a fallout in the run up to the latter’s wedding to Prince Harry over hosiery. Sources who work closely with Kate said *that* allegation had not rattled her, citing again her displeasure with the idea that she felt somehow overworked. The royal has been “more than happy” to step up to the plate and always wanted 2020 to be a pivotal year, sources said. According to one well-placed source, she is looking forward to resuming her official program when she can. “It’s the suggestion that she resents her duty and hard work which has upset her,” says a source. “She takes her role very seriously and has been working harder than ever. The idea she feels trapped and exhausted simply isn’t the case.”

She’s enjoyed the lockdown: According to one family friend, both Kate and William have enjoyed lockdown. “It has meant lots of time together as a family, which they don’t often get, and they have enjoyed doing their bit to help out at this time,” says the friend. Contrary to Kate feeling under too much pressure, sources close to her say she is enjoying being so busy and looking forward to picking up where she left off. “She has really been enjoying the early years work and has found her stride and purpose,” says a source who works closely with her. “She sees this work as a life-long commitment and she has worked really hard on this campaign.”

Kate is a “grafter”: At the palace, the Duchess has a reputation for being a grafter, to use the British term of art. “She has thought long and hard about what she wants to do and how she can make a difference,” says an aide. It is why the organizations and causes she has chosen to work with reflect her personal interests: the importance of nature, sport, child development, and photography.

Ah, back to the Struggle Survey: “A lot of hard work went into the planning of this year,” says an aide. “The focus for Catherine was always going to be the Early Years and making a real difference in this sector.”

[From Vanity Fair]

“Sources who work closely with Kate said *that* allegation had not rattled her, citing again her displeasure with the idea that she felt somehow overworked.” Meaning, Kate’s intention when she greenlighted the Tatler piece was always to throw Meghan under the bus yet again. Kate was disturbed that all of the “she works so hard” embiggening sh-t came across like she’s an out-of-touch lazy dumbass who *thinks* she works as hard as a CEO. I had to look up “grafter” too – I thought it was British slang for a criminal or con artist, but that’s because it sounds so much like grifter. Apparently, “grafter” is a “hard worker.” Which… I mean, does Kate have the reputation as a grafter? No. She doesn’t. She has the reputation as a royal grifter who makes other people talk about how she’s keen to be a grafter.

As for the Early Years stuff… in this week’s Gossip with Celebitchy podcast (recorded on Thursday) I mentioned that no one has said one f–king word about the Struggle Survey in months and how weird that is. And now look, she’s keen to be back at work on something to do with surveys or children or private meetings or something. And the full VF piece has all of these references to how Kate lifted the spirit of a nation by making some Zoom calls and giving us dumb-fun gossip with the Tatler piece. The reason why the Tatler story painted Kate as someone so oblivious to what real people are going through is because she’s surrounded by people who tell her that she’s an amazingly hard worker and patriot because she Zoom’d a bingo game with some seniors.

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