Elon Musk and Grimes have different ideas on how to pronounce their baby's name

If you didn’t think you could get more confused by how to pronounce Elon Musk and Grimes’ baby name, X Æ A-12, days after its arrival, we’re sorry but things just got taken up another level.

We thought we had things under control when we heard Elon – with our very own ears – say the name while appearing on Joe Rogan’s podcast on Thursday night.

After liking a tweet that suggested you pronounce the interesting moniker as ‘X Ash Archangel’, Elon, 48, said it as such to podcast host Joe.

‘First of all, my partner is the one who actually mostly came up with the name. She’s great at names,’ Elon revealed giving most of the credit to Grimes.

The billionaire then explained: ‘It’s just the letter X and then the Æ is pronounced “Ash”. A-12 is my contribution…. Coolest plane ever. It’s pretty great.’

Simple, right?

Well, turns out Grimes has got a totally different way to pronounce the name, as she replied to a curious fan on her Instagram the very same day.

The 32-year-old – real name Claire Boucher – replied, after being quizzed in the comments section: ‘it’s just X, like the letter X. Then A.I. Like how you said the letter A then I.’

So, it’s X AI Archangel?

Guys, can we please get this story straight already.

Some fans were led to believe the little dude was perhaps called Xai and honestly, our head hurts so much right now.

It’s not like the parents hadn’t been a little at odds over the inspiration behind the baby’s name, after Grimes shared the intricate rundown of the meaning.

She had explained that the ‘A-12’ part of their son’s name is the ‘precursor to SR-17’ aka their ‘favourite’ aircraft, but Elon chimed in with a correction.

He replied: ‘SR-71, but yes.’

However, the mansplaining didn’t go down too well with the new mother who had just spent who-knows-how-long bringing a life into the world only to be corrected on Twitter by the babydaddy.

She wrote: ‘I am recovering from surgery and barely alive so may my typos b forgiven but, damnit [sic].’

Grimes added: ‘That was meant to be profound’.

Elon then reassured: ‘U r a powerful [queen and fairy].’

Here’s hoping they can get on the same page about the pronunciation and we can move on with our lives.

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