Emma Willis: The Voice UK presenter admits she’s ‘taken the fun away’ from husband Matt

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The Voice UK presenter Emma Willis, 43, revealed she’s totally safe-guarded her husband Matt Willis, 37, by taking everything he once found fun away from him. During a discussion on their podcast When No One’s Watching, the couple spoke about parenthood and the importance of family with comedian Matt Richardson, as Emma admitted the touching reason behind her anxiety.

I’ve taken everything he finds fun out of his life and made him immensely safe to be a husband and father

Emma Willis

After confirming singer Matt is a “huge daredevil”, Emma admitted: “I don’t let him do anything.”

“I’ve taken everything he finds fun out of his life and made him immensely safe to be a husband and father,” she laughed.

The confession comes after Matt revealed they made a joint decision to give up his motorbike, which Emma described as a “death-trap”.

“Everything that’s fun kills you!” her spouse chimed in, while their guest laughed: “That isn’t true!”

Matt continued: “It is true, there is a little chance of death in everything that’s fun.”

Emma revealed she used to have a little bit of daredevil in her before she became a mother.

“It’s since I’ve had children that the paranoia has really kicked in,” she confessed, revealing that she’s more grounded now she has a family of her own.

Matt agreed that his wife’s anxiety was getting bad by telling listeners that when his pop-band Bustard went on tour, she would have friends move into their house to feel safe.

It comes after Emma said she would love to have a “panic room” in their house for her and the kids.

“It started getting really weird for me when we went on tour and someone would move into our house,” he explained.

Matt was suddenly cut off as their guest made a joke: “That’s called an affair.”

The trio hooted with laughter at the thought of it, before Matt cleared up any speculation that was the case.

“One of Emmas friends would move into the house, a family member or a friend,” he repeated, giggling.

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The Voice Kids host chimed in and admitted she has been “too scared” to stay in the house by herself without Matt for protection.

When asked what it is she’s scared of, she replied: “Just scared of the unknown, what might happen.

“Your head goes to loads of different places,” the presenter said sheepishly, while referring to creaking floorboards and hearing random noises in the middle of the night.

Matt confirmed that when he isn’t there, Emma sleeps in the bed with all three of their children while the guest sleeps next door.

“If I’m away, they all sleep in one room!” he exclaimed, stunned.

“Someone comes to stay in the other room, and Emma sleeps in the bed with all three kids! In her own homemade panic room.”

Emma could be heard giggling in the background as she lapped up the thought of a place she would feel comfortable by herself at night.

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