Farrah Abraham Congratulates Herself on Graduating From College; Gets Caught In Bizarre Lie

Farrah Abraham’s entire life is basically a lie, so it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise when she gets caught BS-ing her fans about one aspect of her life or another.

But her latest fib is so brazen and so bizarre that it’s baffling even by the very low standards Farrah set for herself many years ago.

In order to tell this strange tale of pointless deception, we have to begin with an unexpected development that took place over the weekend:

Farrah graduated from college.

This is surprising for several reasons, not the least of which are:

1. We had no idea Farrah was even going to college, and 

2. College graduations usually don’t take place in September.

But apparently, Farrah earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Los Angeles Film School.

Not only that, it seems Farrah graduated Magna Cum Laude with a BFA in entertainment business.

We’re as surprised as you are, and the whole situation is deeply fishy, but for now, let’s just focus on Farrah’s bizarre, rambling, congratulatory message to herself and the lies contained therein:

“THE SMELL OF SUCCESS ON THIS VERY SPECIAL FARRAH FRIDAY IS EPIC, I LOVE MY FARRAH WALK OF FAME STAR, I RECEIVED A DEGREE IN WHAT I’M FAMOUS FOR TODAY,” Abraham wrote alongside a video montage of herself set to the tune of that Vitamin C song that played at every graduation party in the early 2000s.


As The Blast points out, the reactions to Farrah’s graduation were mostly pretty predictable:

“I didn’t know they gave out degrees in porn?” one follower wrote.

The reference to Farrah’s career in adult film was echoed several times.

But others stuck to a more specific gripe, pointing out that despite what she claims in her post, Farrah does not have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

“Funny cuz according to the walk of fame website you don’t have a star on the walk of fame,” oe person wrote.

“You don’t have a star on the Walk Of Fame. Why lie about something that can be easily checked online or by contacting the Walk of Fame committee,” another added.

Abraham had at least one defender who pointed out that she may have meant that she awarded with a virtual Walk of Fame star at her graduation:

“[Her] program that she enrolled in used images of the star on the walk of fame as they announced the graduate’s name,” the commenter wrote.

“Since it was virtual graduation, because of COVID, They used a fake star instead of them actually walking up getting their degree.”

We think this person is giving Farrah way too much credit, but let’s move on to the rest of Ms. Abraham’s statement, which is equally bonkers:

“I’ve shown a network that type casting is beyond off AND WRONG, I’ve shown no one must conform to gender stereotypes, I’ve shown that I am beyond being sexualized and male perspectives on female talent will never be credible or justifiable,” she wrote.

“I did more then break cycles of abuse, racism in my family, I made history decreasing teen pregnancy rates for many years, and as the only talent in the history of #viacomcbs to be fired 3 times and rehired three times and always make successes for the company,” Farrah continued.

“I look forward to standing strong in all my confirmations with my entertainment degreeFarrah 2.9 is here, an OG, legend, survivor and 2020 pandemic, racial up rising, equality up rising, political uprising & everything else  .. on to the masters & PHD.”

Obviously, none of that makes any sense.

But we’re pretty sure Farrah just took credit for ending racism and called herself a pandemic.

Oh, well. It was just a couple weeks ago that Farrah was offering to poop on camera for 100 bucks, so we guess she’s headed in the right direction

So we’ll go ahead and congratulate her on the degree and the star on The Walk of Fame, even though they’re both probably BS.

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