Farrah Abraham: My Kid LOVES Taking Pregnancy Tests!

So like … there’s some pretty weird stuff going on with Farrah Abraham, right?

No one would deny that, surely.

For years and years, things have seemed kind of off with her and her family.

We’ve seen feuds so horrific between her and her parents that she once gave her mother a noose as a gift after telling her to “f-cking die already.”

We’ve seen her mother, good ol’ Debra, slap her in the face, and we all remember that time that Farrah called 911 after a separate altercation and when police showed up, Deb answered the door with knives in her hands that she refused to put down.

Things only get weirder when you think about the things that have happened that involve Sophia.

Say, for example, that time that Farrah revealed that they take nude photos of each other and save them on their phones — Sophia would have been around nine years old at that time.

Oh, or what about the time that she hit Sophia in the face with a sex toy?

Or that persistent rumor that Farrah works as an escort and takes her daughter with her while she works?

Yep, Farrah’s basically one big walking, talking red flag at this point.

And with this new interview she just did with Us Weekly, it’s only getting worse.

“Oh my god, the world is speeding up on me,” she told the magazine, referring to how fast kids seem to grow up these days.

She confirmed that Sophia has gone through puberty, then explained that “When tweens go through puberty, they need to learn, first of all, about pregnancy tests.”

“So I needed to let her know stuff because I am all about healthcare. And I am not about shaming.”

Hold up, she thinks the first thing kids need to learn about when they go through puberty is pregnancy tests?

Not the details on their changing bodies or what people do that would lead them to take a pregnancy test?

Seems like a bad call, but hey, that’s Farrah.

She went on to say that she doesn’t want Sophia to “be misled” about these kinds of things because “Young ladies deserve amazing bodies.”

“You want to feel good,” she said. “You want to feel competent. You should play around with the fun pregnancy test. Pee on it.”

Look, we get it.

When she was growing up, Farrah’s parents seemed to be very conservative, to the point that Farrah felt the need to hide her birth control after she’d already given birth to Sophia.

And speaking of given birth, we also know that she wanted to explore her options after finding out she was pregnant, but her parents refused and essentially forced her to become a mother.

Considering all that, it makes sense that she’d feel the need to try to be as open as possible on this topic as Sophia gets older.

But focusing this hard on pregnancy tests, and having Sophia “play around” with them?

That sounds like a bit much.

Farrah doesn’t think so though — when asked how these talks with Sophia are going, she said “I’m fun. Like, who wouldn’t be OK with talking about sex with me?”

Yeah, we’re sure Sophia absolutely loves those kinds of talks.

Switching gears a bit, Farrah touched on her daughter’s social media accounts and how often creeps are spotted trying to interact with her.

“I do get mad when I see grown adult men messaging my daughter,” she admitted. “I got a big problem with that. So block, block, block, block, and I also have a very big issue with other mothers of children who want to talk negatively.”

“I also don’t like when parents shame my daughter about me on her page because, as we know, it’s not healthy to shame a dad or mom in front of the child. So I check that.”

It’s good that Farrah keeps a close eye on this, and for once, we agree with her — there’s obviously no need for adults to message Sophia, and it also doesn’t make sense for people to trash Farrah on Sophia’s accounts.

As for everything else though … we don’t know, maybe don’t focus so much on making a hobby out of your 12-year-old taking pregnancy tests?

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