Ferne McCann uses clever tin foil hack to block window light as she can’t find blackout blind

Ferne McCann has shared a clever hack of using tin foil as a replacement for a blackout blind after not being able to find one online.

The First Time Mum star, 29, who is mum to adorable daughter Sunday, took to her Instagram story to share the clever hack with her followers, after asking them for tips on how to keep the light out of her daughter’s room.

Former The Only Way Is Essex star Ferne, who recently revealed she has her sights set on a career in the West End, updated her 2.5million followers in a video on her story.

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As she sports a makeup-free look with her hair up in the bun in the footage she says: “I want to take this opportunity to thank so many of you who DM’d me yesterday with all different tips on how to black out my window.

“And I’m actually gonna get some tinfoil right now and give it a little go. I really, really, really appreciate that.”

She adds: “And thank you to everyone who suggested the blackout blind that goes anywhere with you, unfortunately it’s all out of stock.

“But, yeah, I’m gonna give the tin foil a go and…”

Ferne then turns to her adorable daughter, who is sat next to her while dressed in pyjamas, and asks: “Do you want to say good night to everyone?”

Sunday groans and shakes her head to gesture the unwillingness as Ferne pans the camera back to herself and says: “We’re all out of positive vibes,” before turning the camera back to Sunday who is sucking her thumb.

Ferne then sweetly tells her little girl: “Say night everyone! Night night,” before kissing Sunday’s head and saying: “You smell of sweets.”

The reality star, who recently gave a tour of her enormous new home, then took her followers into Sunday’s room to show off the finished product of her tin foil trick.

The clip shows tin foil and pieces of cardboard stuck up to the window with a framed drawing of a baby placed in the middle of the two windowpanes.

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On the windowsill rests Sunday’s impressive collection of sunglasses, which are placed either side of a princess castle ornament.

Ferne explains: “It’s perfect – I know it’s letting in a little bit of light in but I didn’t want her to get used to a complete blackout.”

Zooming into the bunny shaped Arlo baby monitor she adds: “Now I can have my Arlo monitor on the side. This is fab, thanks guys! Perfect.”

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