Gal Gadot Is Expecting Her Third Baby Girl: 'We're Sticking To What We Know'!

Wonder Woman is building quite the girl gang! Gal Gadot announced on Thursday’s episode of Live With Kelly and Ryan that she and her husband Jaron Varsano are expecting their third baby girl! The momma joked:

“It’s baby girl number three. Yes, we’re sticking to what we know.”

HAH! Nothing wrong with that. This exciting reveal comes a month after the small fam announced they were anticipating the arrival of another kiddo last month. Sharing a family selfie in which Jaron, Alma, 9, and Maya, 3, cradled the matriarch’s belly (above), the actress captioned her post:

“Here we go again.”

Sticking with girls isn’t the only thing the DC star is staying true to this time around, either. The celeb told Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest that she plans on implementing a strict sleep schedule for her next tot because apparently her firstborn still struggles with that!

“With Alma, our first, we completely messed up the whole sleep routine. And when Maya was born, we were like ‘No more.’ So Maya can sleep through the night since she was five months. Alma, still at 9, sneaks into our bed.”

Determined not to have the whole family cuddled up together, the 35-year-old continued:

“I think that’s what we’re going to stick to doing, we’re going to sleep train her, we’re going to make sure she loves and enjoys sleep. I feel like this is the hardest part of parenthood: the lack of sleep and the being tired all the time. That was the hardest thing for me.”

Especially with a busy schedule like hers, sleep is so important! Gotta get that beauty rest!

While maintaining a positive attitude on her pregnancy thus far, the Israeli performer did share some changes that have shocked her this time around! Apparently she’s a crying mess. LOLz!

“Hormones are underestimated. I can cry from commercials. I can cry from just a thought that crosses my mind. I can cry from a good song. I’m a crier right now. And usually I’m so not like that! That’s why it’s so shocking.”

Hey, a good cry didn’t hurt anybody! And with three growing girls in the same household, we can only imagine how hormones will wreak havoc in the future. Just saying!

Family is obviously an important thing to the model, as viewers can tell by the way Gal beamed with the happy news (below)! Last December, the fictional superhero shared how special it was to have her daughters featured in Wonder Woman 1984. While it was just a brief cameo, the producer told GoodDay DC’s Kevin McCarthy:

“To have them captured in the film with me, because they are a part of it, meant a lot, and it’s an amazing, amazing souvenir that we will forever cherish.”

How sweet! Such a cool “home video” to look back on when the kids are older! Watch the exciting interview to hear more about why Ripa thinks the third child is the “easiest”!

Congrats, Gal and Jaron! So exciting!

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