Geno Smith Blasts 'Snake' Rex Ryan After Coach Disses QB

Geno Smith is firing back at Rex Ryan — after his old NY Jets coach dissed him on ESPN … and it’s getting nasty.

It all started on “Get Up” on Wednesday morning — when Ryan was trying to make the argument that he could have been as successful as Bill Belichick had he had a great QB like Tom Brady.

“Let’s give [Belichick] somebody else. Let’s give him Geno Smith. Let’s give him whoever, and let’s see how many Super Bowls he would have won. We saw the answer was zero in Cleveland,” Ryan said.

If it seemed personal, it was! Rex was the head coach of the NY Jets when they drafted Geno in the 2nd round of the 2013 NFL Draft. He spent 4 seasons there before moving on to the NY Giants.

After Rex made his comments, Geno responded on social media — and even though he never mentioned Rex by name, it’s obvious.

“My momma never liked dude he been a snake,” Smith said.

“And y’all glorify it. Should’ve got fired after yr1. Truth is we won 8 games after ESPN had us winning two and he got his job back. Somehow I’m caught up in a feud and I’m the scapegoat. Same guy that drafted me. #TheBusiness.”

He continued … “I could easily go on and on about the bs I see but truthfully I’m so happy I don’t even bother. God put me in this position where even my enemies gotta mention my name. So I just sit back and watch the show!”

“Where I’m from if a man talk about another man while that man isn’t present, a man don’t listen!”

Rex has been saying all sorts of crazy stuff on TV lately — remember, he recently apologized after calling Dallas Cowboys WR Amari Cooper a “turd.”

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