Ghislaine Maxwell was denied bail, she has to stay in jail until her 2021 trial

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Ghislaine Maxwell appeared virtually for her arraignment yesterday in New York. In a video-linkup, a federal judge heard arguments on whether or not Maxwell should be released on bond pending her trial. Maxwell’s lawyers said they would be interested in a $5 million bond, a surrender of all of her passports, and a “house arrest” at a luxury Manhattan hotel. The judge listened to both sides and then issued a careful ruling of Bitch You Thought.

A federal judge denied bail Tuesday for Ghislaine Maxwell, a longtime confidant of disgraced financier and convicted sexual offender Jeffrey Epstein, saying she posed a “substantial” risk of flight before her trial on sexual exploitation charges. The judge set a tentative trial date of July 12, 2021. Maxwell was arrested on July 2 after being indicted in New York for allegedly recruiting and grooming underage girls in the 1990s to be sexually abused by Epstein. She entered a plea of not guilty at Tuesday’s hearing, which was held by video conference due the coronavirus pandemic.

“The combination of the seriousness of the crimes, the potential length of the sentence, the strength of the government’s case at this stage, the defendant’s foreign connections and the defendant’s substantial financial resources all create both the motive and the opportunity to flee,” U.S. District Court Judge Alison Nathan said. The risks of releasing Maxwell on bail, therefore, Judge Nathan concluded, “are simply too great.”

The judge ruled at the conclusion of the nearly three-hour hearing during which Maxwell’s lawyer argued that his client should be released on a strict bail package, while the government argued that no combination of factors short of detention could guarantee her appearance for trial.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Alison Moe called Maxwell “the very definition of a flight risk.” She pointed to her substantial financial resources as well as her British and French citizenships, the latter being of particular note, Moe said, because France does not extradite its own citizens. The court also heard from two of Epstein’s alleged victims, both of whom urged the court to deny bail. One of the women, Annie Farmer, said she was 16 years old when she met Maxwell.

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Maxwell’s lawyer also claimed that Maxwell was never on the run from authorities, that she was merely trying to live a quiet life away from the media speculation around her relationship with Jeffrey Epstein. Considering the FBI was reportedly tracking her for a YEAR, I think that’s debatable. Anyway, I’m glad bail was denied and that Ghislaine has to hang out in a detention center for the foreseeable future. Although, let’s be honest, it’s a pipe dream to think that Ghislaine will stay alive in the detention center for the next year. Come on. Look at the time, Ghislaine. It’s Spill Your Guts O’Clock.

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