Girls Aloud star Kimberley Walsh pregnant with third child

Kimberley Walsh has shared some joyful news just in time for Christmas, announcing that she’s pregnant with her third child. 

The Girls Aloud singer is expecting another baby with husband Justin Scott and will make sons Bobby, six, and Cole, four, very proud older brothers. 

At the time of her interview with OK! Magazine, Kimberley revealed she was around 15 weeks pregnant and had only suffered mild morning sickness so far. 

‘For the family, it’s been a bit of light in the distance and something to look towards and get excited about, and plan for,’ the singer told the publication. 

She added: ‘Because it’s my third it’s going to pop out a little bit quicker. And I do tend to have quite big bumps.’ 

Kimberley, 39, said Justin ‘always knew’ having a third child was ‘on the cards’ after they discussed the possibility during lockdown and it ‘happened quite quickly’ for the couple. 

‘I wasn’t sure whether to or not but I thought, “Actually, I could do it for the third”, because I’ve never found out before. The boys are already desperate to know, so we might find out at the 20-week scan,’ Kimberley said. 

Kimberley explained that people assume she’s only having another baby to have a girl but insists it’s ‘never been about that’ and she simply wants a big family. 

At the time, the Promise singer had only told Girls Aloud bandmates Cheryl and Nicola Roberts as she had seen them but still needed to share the happy news with Nadine Coyle and Sarah Harding. 

The pop star said: ‘I didn’t really want to tell them over text. We were hoping we were all going to get together before Christmas with Sarah but with restrictions it’s been so tricky. If I don’t get to see them before then, I will call them.

‘They’re really excited! I think they both knew I wanted another and it was on the cards, and just like everybody they said it’s lovely news and something to look forward to next year. Cheryl sends me names quite a lot, randomly.’ 

Kimberley stated that this will likely be her last child, completing her family. 

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