Gorilla Glue Girl Loves Nicki Minaj's Shout-Out in New 'Fractions' Track

It’s official … Tessica Brown is now forever etched, or glued, into pop culture, now that Nicki Minaj is shouting her out on a new track, and Tessica’s flattered!!!

The Harajuku Barbie just dropped her song, “Fraction” and it includes lyrics referencing the moniker Tessica will have forever… Gorilla Glue Girl. Nicki raps, “… head game slicker than little miss gorilla glue.”

Pretty dope, and Tessica tells TMZ … she thought the line was cute. She says normally she’s offended if someone calls her Gorilla Glue Girl, instead of her name, but Nicki gets a pass.

She says even though Nicki didn’t reach out in advance to brief her about the shout-out, she hopes to meet her in person one day.

Nicki’s still working on her next album — which Tessica says she’ll cop, for sure — and the new track is part of the “Beam Me Up Scotty” mixtape she just dropped on streaming platforms.

It’s been one helluva 2021 for Tessica — from the Gorilla Glue incident and medical scare to announcing she’s pregnant … and now, getting name-checked in a Nicki verse!!! She’s cleaning up.

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