Gunna’s Side Chick Heather Rose Accuses Ex-Beau of Leaking Sex Tape

On the other hand, some people have come to the makeup mogul’s defense as many people can’t help but ridicule her womanhood after seeing the leaked sex tape.

AceShowbizHeather Rose has become the latest victim of leaked sex tape. The makeup mogul, who is rumored to be Gunna‘s side chick, has been trending on social media after a video of what appeared to be her doing something to her vagina surfaced on the Internet, as some people could not help but ridicule her womanhood.

Heather has since addressed the issue on her private Instagram account, accusing her ex-boyfriend of being the culprit of the leaked sex tape, which is in contrast to people’s assumption that Gunna was the one leaking it. “The video of me that is surfacing was initially sent by me to my current boyfriend at the time 4 years ago,” she explained. “We’ve all been young and thinking we were in love & could trust someone who wasn’t worthy.”

She continued, “My ex is bitter & every time he sees opportunity to ruin my reputation he jumps on it.” Seemingly referring to Gunna, the former model added, “Unfortunately, this time that video hurt the only man I ever cared about, which was the intentions amongst embarrassing me. But understandably… Hurt people, hurt people.”

In the caption of the post, Heather elaborated, “Remember… The same things that make you laugh now, will make you cry later.”

Despite the initial reaction to her sex tape, many have since come to her defense. “They love to shade women for sex tapes but praise men and even go as far as making them the president,” one commented. “nobody deserves that I feel really sorry for her, hope she can take him to court,” another person said. “She need to sue the person who released the tape that’s disgusting,” an individual wrote.

Someone else chimed in, “S**t like this makes me so sad, y’all love to expose women but praise men when they are exposed or expose others. s**t is so sad and y’all really be embarrassing and ruining someone’s life.”

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