Hailey Baldwin Says Being Compared to Selena Gomez Made Her "Feel Like Less of a Women"

Oh, did you think that people were over the whole Hailey Baldwin/Selena Gomez “rivalry”? That’s cute, cause Hailey Baldwin is still out here talking about what it feels like to be compared to Justin Bieber’s most famous ex.

Yesterday during Hailey and Justin’s Facebook Live show, Live with The Biebers, the couple answered questions posed by fans. One viewer asked, “how do you manage being a couple with everyone feeling like they have a say in your relationship,” and Hailey had *a lot* of thoughts. First, she talked about how people’s comments affected her, saying:

And just in case you weren’t sure whether or not Hailey was talking about people comparing her to Selena, she continued with:

Hailey also added that to cope with the comments, she reminds herself that others don’t know the truth about her relationship with Justin, and “when people have a lot to say or go out of their way to make people feel less than, it’s because they are going through something bad themselves.”

For now, Hailey avoids reading comments and articles about her and Justin, and concluded her response with, “the reality is that we wake up next to each other happy every day. All y’all haters can keep trying, but we’re chilling.” In other words, Hailey and Justin are doing just fine, umtay?

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