Hairy Bikers star Dave Myers reveals secret Strictly Come Dancing move with Karen Hauer

Dave Myers, 62, is a British television chef that has enjoyed success as one half of the Hairy Bikers, alongside Si King, 52. Now Dave has opened up about his time on the popular BBC series of Strictly Come Dancing, when he was partnered with Karen Hauer, 37, in 2013.

The successful foodie appeared on the show seven years ago, but was booted out of the competition in week seven.

Dave has since divulged on a Strictly secret, as he revealed how he was able to get through his dance routines.

Speaking to, the Hairy Bikers star explained he would “put a dot on his hand” to remember which foot he need to use during their performance.

On what his biggest challenge was on Strictly, Dave said: “Working out which foot to put in front of the other first. I used to put a dot on my hand – because you get off on the wrong foot and you’re knackered.”


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He continued: “Dancing with those people is like being the driver taking a Ferrari out, once they’re off they’re off.

“But [then] I get on the set and I couldn’t remember if it was the hand with the dot on or the hand without the dot.”

Despite struggling to remember his dance routines for the show, the TV chef admitted he had a “blast” performing with Karen.

He recalled the moment before they took to the stage, saying: “So you’ve got a minute when they show the VT, you’re actually on the floor waiting for the cue.


“And at that point I’m smiling at the audience and waving. And Karen’s got a hold of my head and she’s saying, ‘Focus, just focus.’

“It didn’t do much good, but I had a blast. That was the hardest thing to remember. It was the steps.”

Dave admittedly built up a strong friendship with his dance partner Karen and Kevin Clifton, 37, before the couple divorced in 2018.

He revealed the trio spent the weekend together at his family home, alongside his wife Liliana Orzac.

The TV personality said Karen became a “really good friend” and admitted she is a lover of food.

Dave spilled: “Karen is fabulous. She became a really good friend and she came to my daughter’s 21st birthday.

“And when she and Kevin [Clifton] were together they came and stayed with us. Karen loves her food and loves her cooking.”

The TV chef explained his wife worked as a tailor, so while he cooked dinner with Karen, Kevin was putting together a waistcoat with his lady love.


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“It was extraordinary, I remember we had them round. My wife’s a tailor and Kevin sat with my wife and made a waistcoat. Karen and I cooked dinner,” Dave explained.

“We cooked lobster risotto with scallops on the side. It was a lovely weekend with them.”

The Hairy Bikers star admitted he still keeps in touch with Karen and added: “She’s a great girl”.

The chef continued: “That was the good thing about Strictly. You hear people coming out with tripe comments, but it was really great.

“We keep in touch, not often enough really. She’s a great girl. She’s a joy as I said.”

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