Halsey Shows Off Her Freckles In Makeup-Free Pics Of What She ‘Really Looks Like’ In Quarantine

Halsey has been thrilling fans during quarantine with sexy bikini body photos. The singer changed things up to show off her fresh and natural face in close-up pics, revealing her cute freckles.

Halsey has been one of the celebrity bikini queens of quarantine. Her sexy Instagram swimwear pics have given fans a welcome distraction from the stress and boredom of being in lockdown. The 25-year-old singer admitted that it was time for a change, and wanted to show everyone the “real” Halsey by sharing a series of makeup free Instagram pics of her face in ultra close-up shots. The May 12 IG photos show off her adorable freckles that are usually hidden by foundation. You can see the pics here.

“I’ve been posting a lot of *~spicy*~ bathing suit pics lately so I feel responsible to remind everyone what I ACTUALLY look like,” the “Without Me” singer captioned the series of photos. The first pic shows her facial skin close up, with freckles across her cheeks, nose and even a few on her chin. In the second pic, she shared a selfie where the singer was in mid-sneeze, looking so cute with her all face scrunched up. She had her hair pulled back while wearing a casual sweatshirt, appearing so natural and cozy while in home lockdown.

In the third photo, Halsey shared a close-up of her face in full makeup glam while in her bathroom. It showed how foundation is able to hide her freckles and give her an even overall skin-tone. She added a smokey eye with long lashes and a red lip. But that was the only pic in the set of the “Eastside” singer — real name Ashley Frangipane — looking the way fans know her from performances and magazine shoots. 

The most adorable photo she shared is one where Halsey is all of us during quarantine. She’s seen completely makeup-free while wearing a comfy tie-dyed yellow and green sweatshirt. She has the hoodie pulled over her brunette locks, so only her face is visible. Halsey is tucked in to a bowl of noodles while sitting in her kitchen at home, with several of the long strands still hanging from mouth, waiting to be slurped up. Her clean and natural face looks so youthful without any makeup on. Fans loved the fresh-faced photos, with one person telling the singer, “Okay but if I looked like that on a good day I’d never complain again.”

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