Hannah Ann Sluss’ Comment About Peter Weber & Kelley Flanagan Is Shady

If you’re getting a little annoyed sitting on the couch watching your ex post TikToks with his new girlfriend, I’d highly recommend gaining some inspiration from Hannah Ann Sluss’ comment about Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan. Every second of her exchange with David Spade during her March 30 appearance on the IGTV version of his talk show Lights Out entitled Lo-Fi Chats is pure gold. But it was when Spade brought up Weber that Sluss once again reemerged as a shady Post Breakup Queen.

Sluss made her feelings about her ex clear right off the bat by simply groaning "ugh" when Spade prompted, "And this guy Peter… you remember Peter." Then, when he continued by bringing up the pictures of Weber galavanting around Chicago with Flanagan (and not practicing social distancing), Sluss hit him with this truly flawless response:

Watch the entire exchange for yourself here:


Sluss isn’t the only member of Bachelor Nation weighing in on rumors that Weber and Flanagan are back together. "I would just say this, and not about any specific couple, but if any of these people can find love, if any of them find a great stable relationship that makes each other happy, then God bless them," Chris Harrison told People on March 30. "If you’ve learned anything from our show, it’s that love comes in crazy ways, and Lauren [Zima] and I have found the same thing in our own private life.”

Nick Viall also entered the conversation on March 27 by posting a side-by-side of the picture he posted with Flanagan on March 12 alongside caption, "she’s not with Peter" and the March 25 TMZ article featuring her and Weber getting their flirt on in Chicago. He hilariously captioned the post, "I Stand Corrected."

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I Stand Corrected

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Here’s to hoping that, whether or not they’re together now, Flanagan and Weber are finally practicing social distancing.

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