Heather Graham Is 50 Going On 25 With Her Insane Bikini Body — LOOK!

Don’t mind Heather Graham: she’s just out here looking like a snack at the tender age of 50. Yes… 50!

The Hangover actress wowed her Instagram (Insta-Graham?) followers on Tuesday when she posted a stunning bikini pic on the beach.

She wrote in the caption:

Today feels like the first day of summer. Having a beach day with @princessodessa.”

In the pic, the starlet posed alongside friend Odessa Rae, who was also rocking some teenie-weenie swimwear.

But all eyes were on Graham, with users leaving comments like:

You’re 25, right?”

“Well…Damn, Ms Graham.”

“Still rockin’ the perfect bikini body.”

“Body goals”

Ow owww!

See the full pic (below)!

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