Holly Robinson Peete: Trump called me the n-word out of earshot on The Apprentice

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It is already known how vile and racist Donald Trump is. Besides calling Mexican immigrants criminals and rapists and African countries sh*tholes, it would seem Mr. Combover likes throwing the N-word around, too. We’ve heard this about him before, and this is an unsurprising reminder. Actress Holly Robinson Peete was a guest on Sirius XM’s The Karen Hunter Show. She recalled hearing that Trump had been calling her the N-word behind her back when she was a contestant on Celebrity Apprentice. Holly was one of the final two contestants back in 2010. She said that one of the producers told her that they had wanted her to win. Trump was advocating for Brett Michaels, the ultimate winner, and referred to Holly as the N-word to this producer. Below are a few excerpts from the interview via Daily Beast:

“I found him to be kind of piggish and bullish and stuff,” she said of Trump, “but I didn’t find him to be just this—who he is now, I did not see that.” It wasn’t until after she “lost” to Bret Michaels in the season finale that she says she found out how Trump was talking about her behind her back.

“Shortly after the finale, rumors started going around that he had tossed out an ‘N-word’ referring to me,” she continued. “When the producer told me when it happened, during the finale, I remember the moment. I wasn’t in earshot, but I could see them deciding between me and Bret Michaels.”

She recalled seeing Trump “talking with producers and they’re really animated and that was when I heard that he said, ‘They want the ‘N-word’ to win.’ Because I guess the network wanted me to win or me to be chosen and Trump wanted Bret.”

This specific rumor has been around for some time, with comedian Noel Casler, who worked as a talent wrangler on Celebrity Apprentice, sharing it on Twitter last year.

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The orange tiny fist man is a Nazi full stop. I am glad that he lost the election. I love that he will have to live with the fact that he lost the election because of BIPOC. The very people he so vehemently hates have made him a loser and I am here for it. What is really sad is what Holly says at the end of the video about her friends who voted for Trump. Holly said they question her interpretation of what happened to her on the show. First, Holly needs to dump those friends. It is people like these who are hell bent on turning a blind eye to atrocities. These are the same people who believe that there is no racism in America and the country creates equal opportunities for everyone. They also believe that Trump is a good guy and every negative thing that is said about him is false. White supremacy and innocence is a helluva drug.

I look forward to the day that Trump is dragged out of the White House kicking and screaming. I have already bought my wine and popcorn for the show. His exit needs to be a complete public embarrassment from which he will never recover. Even that won’t make up for the years he has spent terrorizing women and BIPOC. Unfortunately, like Holly said, the people who have joined the cult of Trump these last few years are unrecognizable. His “reign” will have a long lasting effect on American society for years to come.

Here’s a clip from that show, thanks to The Daily Beast:

A post shared by Holly Robinson Peete (@hollyrpeete)

A post shared by Holly Robinson Peete (@hollyrpeete)

A post shared by Holly Robinson Peete (@hollyrpeete)

As Nipsey Hussle would say:

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